The appeal of Rajasthani heritage jewellery

Heritage jewellery is a timeless trend indeed. This Diwali, we bring to you the best of Rajasthan’s rich heritage in the form of the stunning jewellery in our #TanishqxPadmavati Collection. Crafted with love especially for the rendition of the royal characters of the film Padmavati, it is a tribute to the vibrant and regal heritage of Rajasthan.

With the Padmavati Collection, we reinterpreted the time-honoured techniques of traditional Rajasthani craftsmanship like elaborate Meenakari, intricate Jadau and exquisite Kundan work to create stunning jewel pieces.

Meenakari: Enamel coating in vibrant colours on gold jewellery

The vibrant hues and intricate detailing of Meenakari jewellery caught the fancy of the royals and gained immense popularity during the Mughal era. Rajasthan has always been the hub of this delicate art form and most 'meenakars' practice it as a family!

Jadau: A distinctive style of embedding gemstones 

Introduced in India by the Mughals, it is an elaborate and extensive process of setting gemstones in gold jewellery. A very intricate craft, it often takes a whole day to embed just four or five stones. The master craftsmen called 'chiterias' carve the primary design of the ornament while 'ghaarias' are the ones responsible for the engravings where the gemstones can be embedded.

Kundan work on Gold: Jewellery studded with uncut diamonds or gemstones

This unique art form originated in Rajasthan and Gujarat and flourished in the courts of Mughal emperors. Classical and lustrous, these sublimely beautiful masterpieces are timeless in their appeal.

This Diwali, plan your looks with these magnificent jewel pieces and feel like a queen!

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Range starts at Rs.75,000. Collection available in stores now.



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