Like Diamonds in the Sky

The different loves in a woman’s life evolve with age. They may start with the fake little makeup sets that you play imaginary dress up with, move on to high heels, and at some point come in and rest on the classic best friend: the diamonds. And you know better than anyone, that the last of the lot stay for-literally-ever. I’ve been wearing my rings on a regular basis for a few years now, and this year has been extra special. I bought myself my first solitaire, a little in advance for my 25th birthday. Am I happy? You bet!

Delving more into the joy that diamonds bring to my heart, when POPxo invited me to visit the Tanishq store and check out the new Niloufer collection, I gave right in. The perks of being on their Super Blogger Network are not to be missed, just saying! (You can sign up for the Bloggers Network here if you’re a new blogger) I browsed through the store and took my own sweet time to pick out my favourites, the ones I would share with all of you. The details? They couldn’t be simpler. This Niloufer collection by Tanishq is one you can easily shuffle between Western and Indian with. The pieces are dominated by pinks and reds, and still an equal number of yellow and white gold pieces. While my forever love will always remind with the former, I’ve got to admit that the latter came with their own sense of class.

With floral designs through its earrings, bracelets and neckpieces that easily reminded me of couture, thread-work patched in together to create statement motifs; there also those that looked simple and clean with sophistication. Scroll on, take a look at my favourites; and don’t forget to check out the complete collection here.

- Aanam C



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