Different Kadas and Their Advantages that you need to know before buying

Different Kadas and Their Advantages that you need to know before buying

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If you are wondering what is a kada or what does a kada mean? Read the entire article to know the answer. India is rich in its consumption of precious metal, gems, and stones. Indian people do believe a lot in astrology and believe in their tradition. People wear jewellery to display their riches. However, hand Kada is an ornament that has numerous meaningful logic. Kada is a big ring-shaped bracelet that is loved by most Indian women which you can find in Tanishq. This hand ornament is made for people who have astrology and religious beliefs. Read the article below that will guide you to your ideal Kada.

Different Kadas and Their Advantages That you Need to Know Before Buying

Kadas have various astrological benefits that can solve your various life problems. You can consult with your astrologers before buying a kada. Listed below are the different types of kadas and the astrological benefits it offers that you can buy online.

Gold Kada and its Astrological Benefits

Gold jewellery is associated with an economic well-being image. Ornaments made with this metal have profound forces that can bring anyone harmony, satisfaction, and security. Gold is such a metal which opens the crown chakra and provides benefits to whoever wears it. The defensive properties of gold expel insidiousness from your body. You can put a gold kada on the correct side of your hand to draw in divine awareness. Though gold kadas offer huge benefits, it is suggested to consult an astrologer if you prefer to know more about it. You can find gold kada for men online available in various designs and shapes to match your style and aesthetic.

Astrological Benefits – Gold suits almost everybody and provides fortune when worn correctly. This metal when used in kada can bring you success on the off chance.

You can wear gold kada on your left hand as it is more beneficial than wearing on the right hand. Gold has the ability to offer you vitality and warmth, therefore, it can diminish the toxin. Investigate and follow some tips while buying this kada as it can make you wealthier. Shop now >

Silver Kada and its Astrological Benefits

If you are wondering, “who should wear a kada?” Then you should know that silver kada can be worn by anyone. Since old times, this element has been known for relieving interior organs, mitigating palpitation and expelling pathogenic factors. Silver has the capacity for sanitization, conservation, sterilization, and crisp keeping of water. Science shows that keeping water in a silver bowl can protect you from skin ulcers as it contains anti-microbial properties. Wear silver kadas that you will find in various designs and styles to improve your vitality levels, and it is also known for equalizing temperaments when worn.

Astrological benefits – The bactericidal impact of silver has numerous advantages to human health. This piece of ornament not only has several astrological benefits but also adds style when worn on the hands. According to Indian tradition, wearing silver is a sign of riche. This metal can retain poison which gets discharged from the body, which is the reason behind darkened silver adornments. Though silver suits almost everyone, you can also consult your astrologer in case of any doubt.

Copper Kada and its Astrological Benefits

Wearing copper kadas or wristbands has multiple positive effects on the body. This metal is said to have properties that can solve the problem of agony and misfortune. Wearing copper jewellery can improve your vitality levels and resistance to the body. Copper kadas, when worn on the wrist, can be advantageous in improving human conditions. Crystal gazing of the copper ring can help you to achieve positive change. You will find copper kadas in various sizes and designs to match your requirements.

Astrological Benefits – You can go to your astrologer to learn about your horoscope. If the Sun is feeble in your horoscope, there can be ominous outcomes in the Mahadasha. The approach you can take to conquer this dosha is by wearing a copper ring or a copper kada. If the question comes to your mind, “when should you wear kadas?” then this is your answer. Wearing the right kadas helps you to accomplish the outcomes. People suffering from hypertension or low pulse can also wear this ornament on their wrists. Copper is an astrology-approved metal which keeps you away from all the negative energies and channelised positivity to keep you happy.


Gold, copper, and silver are the three precious metals approved by astrologers that have various benefits in human life. The article clearly explained, “what is a kada or what does a kada mean?” so that you can make your choice accordingly. Tanishq presents to you gold kadas available in various designs and styles. You will find kadas for both men and women, which not only provide astrological benefits but also amp up the look. You can consult your astrologer to check your horoscope and then take a decision to buy kadas among the three metal options. If you are a believer in celestial and cosmic powers, bring this jewellery to your home and fill your life with positive energy.