Emerald rules the fashion circuit

While there are many colours that appeal to the fashion forward woman of the 21st century, ‘Emerald Green’ is one colour that remains truly special.

Whatever be the occasion, emerald green in either clothing or jewellery reflects a sense of opulent beauty that is unmatched and timeless. Emeralds were regarded as a royal gemstone and adorned the crowns and special jewel pieces donned by Kings and Queens and is ruling the runway and the swanky parties even today.

Here’s how this majestic colour is currently trending in fashion circles:

1. Paired with White:

Emerald green perfectly complements white. Delivering a powerful, yet sophisticated impression, this combination denotes authority. Alternatively, wearing exquisite emerald green jewellery with a crisp white shirt is a popular contemporary twist without compromising on the rich grandeur. An emerald neckpiece with tassels from our Red Carpet Collection or a simple pendant studded with emeralds from our Mirayah collection is perfect for a chic and elegant look.

2. Paired with Rose Gold:

Primarily a jewellery trend- the combination of rose gold paired with the emerald green is as unconventional as it is striking. The trendy effervescent vibe of rose gold, when coupled with emerald green, creates jewellery that doesn’t compromise on elegance while staying timelessly trendy.

3. Emerald green all over:

An ensemble that is completely emerald green is a bold, edgy and is sure to make a statement. While this is a look that is reserved for the most grand of occasions- it is also sure to make a statement. And while many may consider it risky, this is definitely a risk worth taking. All eyes will be on you as you sashay into a party in an emerald green saree or a gown paired with a magnificent necklace studded with emeralds.

Emerald green has always been a colour that is bold, regal and timeless. It has steadily taken the centre stage in the fashion circuit with a comfortable ease that says it's not going anywhere! 



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