Jewellery trends in 2017

While traditional Indian jewellery will always be in fashion, certain trends keep repeating themselves and gain popularity after every few seasons. Here's our take on the various categories of jewellery which have emerged as really popular ones in 2017.

1. Coloured jewellery - Jewellery encrusted with vibrant gemstones and coloured stones are set to rule 2017. Glamorous and contemporary, it will attract the savvy and fashion-conscious customer. Intense gemstones like rubies, emeralds and sapphires along with topaz, peridot and, amethyst have already begun ruling the fashion runways.

In the ethnic segment, the enamelled and meenakari jewellery are going to be extremely popular as well

2. Pearls - Our fascination for soothing and precious pearls dates back to the ancient times but the modern renditions of this precious gemstone are very different from the vintage ones. Also, the flavour of the season is to go for bigger sized pearls rather than the smaller sized ones. Baroque pearl drops especially have captured the hearts of many all across the globe!

3. Statement neckpieces - While 2016 was dominated by chokers on the International runways, the statement long necklaces or the 'sautoir' have made a bold comeback this year. Minimalistic designs like a gorgeous pendants at the end of long chains are especially popular this season. Be it in gold or be it in diamonds, this trend is already rocking 2017.

4. Kundan stones - While this type of jewellery has taken the wedding space by storm, pairing kundan jewellery with cocktail dresses has also emerged as a popular trend over the past year and will hold strong in 2017 as well!

5. Concept jewellery - Everyone looks for novelty in designs and when it comes associated with a certain cause or springs from a certain exclusive concept, then it's an added bonus. These are especially a great hit amongst Millenials who love owning and donning such unique pieces.

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