Jewels of Royalty by Tanishq

India has been home to generations of Royalty, who exemplify rare and distinct beauty. Jewels of Royalty is a collection inspired by the unparalleled elegance and unspoken grace that is characteristic of Royalty. Inspired by royal houses of Patiala, Indore, Baroda and more, these intricately crafted diamond and open polki pieces are products of exquisite craftsmanship.

From chokers crafted with cascading diamonds to necklaces laden with colored stones, each piece of jewellery is perfect for the woman of royal stature. The designs, beauty and most importantly the stories of love, memories and accomplishments behind the jewellery pieces transform them into true heirlooms of royalty.

This collection has also incorporated interesting contemporary techniques that add a Tanishq twist to timeless designs of regal beauty.


To bring out the beauty of colored stones, the sugarloaf gemstones are cut to resemble a smooth shaped dome. The marvellous designs are accentuated beautifully by this sugarloaf cut that rests at its centre.    


Each pearl string free falls to perfection and is a reflection of contemporary wonder that will only elevate the regal beauty of the woman who adorns it.


Complemented by the elegant use of carved stones at the centre, each jewel piece is a brilliant creation of wonder that will hold your gaze and leave you stunned.


The delicate and layered look of lustrous tassels that dangle at the centre, magnify the remarkable beauty of each piece and perfectly represent imperial excellence.



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