The Joy of Sharing A Sparkle This Diwali With Tanishq!

Few days from now, I will be walking down the aisle as a bride and on that special day, I wish for several things: a pair of shoes that won’t kill me, a photographer who makes me look like a super model, a lipstick that wouldn’t smear all over my face and my mom to help me celebrate the D-day like no one else.

This year happens to be my last Diwali at home, the festival that our family has treasured for years. The thought is unnerving and yet very sentimental because being an Army wife, my mom has always been holding the family together, filling space for daddy when he was serving at the borders during this time of the year. An ode to all the beautiful festival memories we have made together, I decided to buy my mother a Diwali gift from Tanishq that she’ll cherish for all her life. I can’t wait for her to wear these stunning jewels from Tanishq’s Shubham collection on my wedding.

Tanishq has been our family’s most loved jewellery brand for years. So when we learnt about their all new gold collection, Shubham, we couldn’t be more thrilled! For my mother, gold jewellery is a repository of family histories, of mothers passing on traditions to their daughters in the form of family heirlooms and that’s why the magnificence of the Shubam collection totally captivated her heart.

The elegant pieces in the Shubham collection draw inspiration from the rich carvings of the musical columns at the Vittala temple in Hampi or the glorious pillars of the Hutheesing temple in Gujarat. Coming from an Army family, we have travelled across the country and perhaps that’s why both, mom and I, have become aficionados of the architecture of Indian temples and of our history. It was love at first sight when we tried on the stunning pieces from the Shubham collection that included a wide variety of necklaces, long haars, jhumkis, earrings, bangles and pendants.

The detailed craftsmanship of the jewellery truly does represent our culture in all its glory and I felt like I was wearing a perfect blend of traditions and culture with my ensemble. My mother in particular loved a pair of jhumkis that reflected the ornate architecture of the temples in Bhubneshwar. The stunning earrings resembled the outer domes of the temples, adding the perfect touch of rich culture to her six yards of elegance. I picked up her perfect Diwali gift and I can’t wait to see her look gorgeous , donning these heritage jewels on my big day.

Take a look at some more of their breathtaking pieces from the Shubham collection here and celebrate a #TanishqWaliDiwali!

- Devina Malhotra (Guilty Bytes)



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