Be it a Griha Pravesham, weddings, festivities or baby showers, any occasion in Southern India is marked by generously adorning gold, for it symbolizes prosperity and abundance.

In addition to this, South Indian jewellery is also a reflection of auspicious beauty, as it echoes traditional beliefs that have been passed down in families for generations.

As an ode to true Southern beauty, we bring you Lavanyam- handcrafted designs in gold that capture the essence of South Indian heritage.
Be it the grand entrances of the mansions, or the beautiful engraving on the pillars of the house, this collection is inspired by cultural and architectural motifs that can be found across South. From jhumkis to haarams, each piece is intricately designed to reflect a culture that is unique and breathtaking.

It is a known fact that South India has its own set of rich traditions and customs, each forming an integral part of the culture with its own significance. The string of mango leaves that welcomes you at the doorstep, the bountiful jasmine flowers that mark every celebration, the evening lamp that shines in every household, are quintessential elements of the Southern culture. With Lavanyam, we bring you jewel pieces with detailing that expresses these elements and complement the South traditions and mores.

Beautifully representing devotion, Lavanyam features Lakshmi coins, floral motifs, Nakkashi detailing and other design elements in every piece.

Be it the spirit of extravagance and celebration or the pride in its rich legacy, Lavanyam seamlessly captures the warmth and elegance of South Indian culture through stunning designs in gold. With exquisite designs in bangles, jhumkis, necklace sets and Haarams, the collection evokes a sense of spectacular wonder that is true to all Southern States.

Come, experience the glorious landscape of South India with Lavanyam by Tanishq.



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