A colourful life knows no age. It has little to do with wisps of grey and everything to do with attitude that lets a woman live her life with more and more zest each passing year. Inspired by the woman who stands for all of the above, Tanishq presents ‘Mirayah’.

Discover Mirayah, a collection inspired by the women for whom age is just a number. The name Mirayah, derived from Hebrew, connotes a woman’s lively spirit and her vibrant heart of gold. In this stunning collection, the colour and vibrancy of emeralds, rubies, sapphires and garnets meet the classic beauty of diamonds and pearls.

Just as she brightens the lives of the people around her, so do the colourful stones in the collection that add their charm to her persona. Fiery red, calming pink, refreshing green, and pure white, all come together in delightful harmony with the gleam of gold. With unconventional designs that suit every role she plays, the Mirayah collection is perfect for she who celebrates herself.

Two way necklace – A versatile neck piece for the modern woman that can be worn as a pendant and necklace.

Cocktail ring – Studded with colourful gemstones, these cocktail rings are typically worn as a single statement piece.

Tassel necklace – Tassel necklaces are the accessory embellishment of the season. Incorporate a tassel necklace in your jewellery box and pair it with cold shoulder tops for a polished look.

Statement bracelet – Statement bracelets are not just mere accessories but pieces to build wardrobes around. Unique and bold, they lend a touch of sophistication to the wearer.

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