Perfection in details. Perfection in Delicacy.

What sets Niloufer apart to me, is the effect of the diamonds keeping in touch with the delicacy of nature fused with the Ombre trend. I believe the collection is inspired by the fragile beauty of the Lotus petals for the entire collection is pink and crafted as lotus flower and buds. This collection to me signifies Youth, from the blooming bud design of some of the collection pieces, to the flowering lotus. Rubies and Diamonds embedded in gold combine to make this collection significantly different and beautiful in its way.

"The lotus grows where nothing else grows, far from the reaches of sun. And then slowly making its way to the top, it blossoms into a rapturous delight.

Tanishq pays tribute to the lotus, this gentle yet beautiful flower in stunning diamonds and pure gold, and calls it Niloufer. A sensuous ode to the charming woman who has many facets to her personality like the different shades of a lotus."

For someone who likes non-traditional jewellery pieces, the pieces of this collection really attracted me. While I’ve seen and worn collections inspired by the beauty of flora-fauna in the past, this is the first time I’ve featured a collection that I felt was very youthful. I love the designs. I felt it matched the vibe of the youthful people who wanted to incorporate jewellery in their everyday life. The style is simple, yet sophisticated and intricate. I loved how shades of Ruby and Diamonds aligned to form the perfect Ombre Jewellery pieces that makes one feel beautiful. After reading the inspiration at the catalogue which beautifully describes the inspiration behind this craftsmanship, I admired and yearned for these pieces.

"Even though the lotus grows in water, it remains untouched by it. A timeless metaphor for the way of life. In this elegant set, a ruby clad lotus calmly resides in the center as ripples etched with diamonds attempt to touch its petals"

- Nilu Yuleena



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