Of impeccable taste and unmatched elegance, presenting the Queen of Hearts

With diamonds inspired by royalty, Tanishq presents the Queen of Hearts collection. The collection is a testimony to the breathtaking beauty of the woman who is the Queen of Hearts and is loved by one and all. She is kind, warmhearted, generous and above all, compassionate. The unparalleled appeal of the timeless pieces complement her charisma, while she captivates your heart with her femininity and flair.

It is for this woman that Tanishq has crafted these mesmerizing designs. The jewel pieces take shape in beautiful floral, veil and droplet patterns that bring out the delicacy and elegance the pieces possess. Further accentuated with diamonds that shine bright, the designs from the collection are perfect to pair with western wear and ethnic ensembles alike.

Deepika Padukone adds her own charm to these delightful designs. Her many moods were beautifully captured and complemented by the brilliant designs and she even selected a few pieces that make her feel like a Queen of Hearts. To know more about the collection, call 1800-258-2598 (toll free) or give a missed call to 087330-87330. You may also view the collection and/or download the catalogue for further details.



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