The Shubham collection styled by Anuja Pandey

This Diwali and wedding season is surely going to be special for many of us with the beautiful, exquisite heirloom pieces and ornaments by the Shubham collection of Tanishq.

Tanishq has introduced its latest collection 'Shubham' , a stunning range of jewellery modelled on ancient Indian temples. It is indeed praiseworthy that it has been introduced at a time when the traditional craftsmanship in jewellery making has reached an apogee and hence it has revived our artistic traditions in distinctive and indigenous form of jewellery.

Shubham has been inspired by the history and the diversity of culture of India, thereby redefining the beauty of Indian Woman. I was invited by team Tanishq to blog and review the same and this opportunity turned out to be an extremely luxurious and a thoroughly pampering affair.

As I donned the sets one by one, so many feelings and memories flooded my heart. For me, Tanishq holds an immense emotional value for the fact that my mother loved Tanishq jewellery. Every piece of jewellery from the Shubham collection is not just another jewel piece but rather an heirloom which a mother passes on to her daughter. It is a testament to the glory of generations, the celebration of the eternal bond and relationships and hence symbolizes the journey of a woman. Every set signifies a feeling poignant in the moment. I realised that jewellery from the Shubham collection is not just a form of adornment but rather embodies a symbolic value in so many ways.

The first one I donned is the ‘hansuli’ choker. I could feel that each necklace set narrates its own story and aesthetically appeals to the senses with its fragments in history. This one is a timeless design modified into a delicate piece of art, replicating and retaining the traces of the original heirloom yet fashioning it on the lines of universal appeal and modern charm. This piece would compliment a woman on every occasion, be it Diwali or your own wedding. This breathtaking and magnificent hansuli necklace is indeed a statement piece and is a perfect blend of Indian heritage and modern precision.

I chose to adorn a Choker and a long neckpiece or haar for my next look. The beads of the Choker are in the shape of the pillars of a temple with intricate carvings. The long neckpiece totally complements the look with its bearing in the majestic temples of Hampi, Gujarat and Bhubaneshwar, hence making it an ornament of regal grace, thus adding the royal touch to the aura of a woman. I chose to brace and adorn my hands with a beautiful pair of Kangans which felt like a shower of opulence, glory and blessings from heavens above.

Jewellery from Shubham is not only suitable for a bride to wear on her wedding day with elan and poise but also something which can be fused with any modern clothing with eclat.

The Shubham jewel piece that I loved the most is the beautiful Krishna haar. Even though it has a traditional feel to it, I gave a modern twist to it by pairing it with the black Roberto Cavalli gown. Along with it, I wore a delicate choker and a regal long neckpiece which is a fusion of the age old Matarmala and panchlara haar. The beaded arrangement of Matarmala woven into a three layered (instead of five layers of panchlara haar), makes it a possession of unbridled grandeur. The modern and wearable twist, despite the marrying of two very traditional pieces into one, makes it one of the most arresting piece of jewellery which I would surely want to buy and treasure in my jewellery box( which incidentally is a gift from my grand-ma).

Each piece of jewellery in the Shubham collection represents an epoch, an era that makes you feel like a woman with an air of undeniable beauty and royalty. Tanishq has surely paid a tribute to the art and artisans, the temples and the history of Indian culture by playing with the designs and motifs inherited from the then times and re-crafting it, thus reviving the jewellery into a contemporary form. This collection has truly alchemised the artistic spirit and coalesced the craftsmanship with contemporary fashion. These gorgeous ornaments are the current must-haves in any urban lady’s trinket box. So explore the Shubham collection at your nearest Tanishq store and join me in celebrating a #TanishqWaliDiwali. Browse through the range at

- Anuja Pandey (Lofty Spectrums)








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