Symbol of Strength by Tanishq

"You are a diamond, dear. They can't break you."

The Symbol of Strength collection is all about celebrating women who refuse to bow down to the trials and tribulations of life. Dedicated to those who believe in themselves, it stands as a symbol of their indomitable strength and spirit.

It has been crafted with love by Tanishq for the women who know their mettle. Different as they come, the one thing that binds them all is their strength and determination. Similarly, the Symbol of Strength pendants come in different sizes and in yellow, white and rose gold. However, they all signify the same thing and are a tribute to the resolute spirit of the woman who dons it. After all, every woman is a shining diamond in her own right!

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Deepika Padukone is truly an inspiration for all those around her and this collection is crafted for women just like her.

Her resilience to pick herself up when she is down, her determination to power through life’s obstacles and her strength that keeps her going are what defines her. She is a story on her own – that is bound to go on forever, for it represents her undying spirit.



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