A stunning range of earrings, pendants and finger rings adorned by mesmerizing dazzle of vibrant gemstones and the shimmer of scintillating diamonds, Tanishq presents Uttara. Set in sleek and exquisite designs, every piece in this Uttara collection exudes an aura of tranquility and elegance. 11 of the most popular birthstones associated with a plethora of positive effects on us have been handpicked and set to the beautiful designs in this collection. Crafted using 18 karat gold, these alluring designs are slated to add a striking touch to your ensemble every single day.

Endowed with the gleam of yellow gold and the sparkle of the diamonds and the colourful gemstones, each of the jewel pieces are nothing short of enchanting. The gemstones, each of them prized for their beautiful hue and distinct sheen adds a unique charm to the graceful designs of the Uttara collection.

While the aquamarine reflects the clear blue tint of the pristine ocean, the ruby is characterized by its fiery red colour, the rainbow moonstone has its distinct sheen, the blue sapphire comes with its fascinating gleam, the amethyst comes in a spectacular shade of royal purple, the peridot has a captivating hue of lime green, citrine comes in an enticing golden yellowish shade, the icy-blue of the topaz has an ethereal charm about it and the tourmaline has a unique pinkish hue, soothing and tranquil. 

Let the mesmerizing dazzle of the birthstones guide you towards a sparkling future!



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