Dear Esteemed Customer,

At Tanishq, we care for your safety and all our staff members. As the global outbreak of COVID- 19 has raised health concerns, here’s how we’re ensuring a safe and healthy environment at our stores:

Hygiene and Safety
Every Step of the Way

All our staff members will be wearing double masks and carrying their own hand sanitizers.

Depending on your convenience, our Valet will offer to park your car or show you the way. The car keys will be sanitised accordingly.

As you enter the store, the main door is equipped with footwear disinfectant.

Our security guard will offer you masks and sanitizers. Double masking is mandatory in Tanishq for everyone. He will then open the door for you, which is sanitized every hour.

Once you are inside, you will be greeted and guided to your desired counter, while maintaining social distancing.

At the counter, you will be offered a seat at a safe distance from others and our Retail Sales Officers will clean the counters and the jewellery they handle, before and after every transaction.

At the lift area, our staff will press the button for you. Only one person or one group will be allowed to take the lift at a time.

Liquid soap has been made available in the washroom, pantries and cafeterias. All washroom areas will be cleaned and sanitized after every use.

At the lounge area, alternate seating is advised to maintain social distancing. Refreshments, newspapers and magazines are temporarily discontinued to ensure safety.

At our Karigar area, floors are taped with markers to ensure social distancing. The usage of sanitizers is avoided as it's flammable. But the tools and jewellery will be sanitized after every customer.

At the cash counter, contactless payments are encouraged. In case of card payments, the cashier will help you in sanitizing the cards before and after use. In case of cash payments,they will ensure a contactless transaction.

Once the purchase is done, the sales officer will escort you towards the exit and help you in safe disposal of face mask. Incase of valet parking, your car keys will again be disinfected before handed over.

In case you need to book an appointment before visiting a store, please click below:

Together, let’s face and overcome this trying time.