A Story of Blessings

Each piece of Tanishq jewellery comes with the blessings of the lives it has touched. While we've always been conscious of our responsibilities towards the community and the environment, the recent Covid-19 threat urged us to do more not just for our Tanishq family but society at large. From ensuring livelihood and safety of our karigars to providing essentials, medicines and PPE to the needy, we've walked the extra mile to stand beside everyone we could during this unprecedented crisis!

And every effort in this regard, big or small, earned us blessings which got etched in our gold!

When you choose Tanishq, you bring home jewellery that is blessed by our karigars, their families and essentially every person who we have been able to help in any way, big or small!

Which is why it is,

Our jewel pieces carry the love, care and blessings of every life they touch!
Here's a glimpse into the heartwarming journey of our wonders!