The magnificence of the Indian craft rests in the delicacy of our intricate designs, as these dance in the soft embrace of gold and diamonds.


Elegantly crafted in gold, these earrings fancy a beautiful pattern encapsulating the riches of our culture and the beauty of your story.


The soft shine of amber creates a glorious halo elevating the beauty of this intricate floral karigari that is crafted for you.

Single Stone

As a single stone gracefully sits with the riches of gold, these earrings cast a wondrous shadow that illuminates the beauty of your individuality.

Sui Daaga

Reeling you in with their graceful mystique, these beautiful thread and needle designs dangle enchantingly. Unfasten the thicker needle, pass it through your ear and re-attach to the delicate thread to set a versatile fashion statement.

Tanishq Favourites

Eternity Pattern

These arcs of ethereal diamonds hold you within its charms as this beautiful karigari forms an eternal circle of beauty.

Motif Pattern

Rejoice in the abundance of nature. These studded charms are an ode to the dazzling combination of Gold and Diamonds, with the craftsmanship emerging as the star of the show.


A celestial shine beams through the crevices of gold as these sparkling diamonds tightly hug each other, enchanting its maker and its muse.


The soft shine of these balis reflects the imprints of our culture, as the ethereal gold sits in its riches, crafting together a story to remember.

Geometric Pattern

Weaved with modern karigari of diamonds, every curve of gold is designed to compliment the allure of your beauty.

Traditional Glories

This striking collection never misses the target. Simple and elegant, these little round beauties prove their worth in weight.

Jali Cutwork

Meshed with patterns and embracing the boldness of modernity, these earrings weave your story under a gentle spotlight by letting the light shine through branches of lattice.

Short Drops

Like a beautiful teardrop, these pieces capture the infinite joy and skill that goes into making each of these magnificent pieces.

Rajkot Bali

Intricate beauty crafted by hands beyond the ordinary. This set is carefully made to ensure its wearer stands out from any crowd.

Dangler Chain

An exemplary play of design and craftsmanship, these elegant dangle earrings weave a playful story


The glory of the royal crescent moon brings forth memories of auspicious times and sheaths you in the beauty of royalty.

Long Drops

Like skydiving from above the clouds, these beautiful earrings tell a story with every drop and dangle.

Stud With Hanging

Rich drops of gold hanging off enchanting studs, these earrings will bring forward the sense of grandeur and festivity.


The warmth of these close-fitted earrings seeping through folds of amber elicits joy and comfort.

Mango Paisley

Connect with your heritage while wearing our intricate interpretations of this age-old symbol of eternal life and vitality.

Coloured Stone

Yellow diamonds, pink sapphires, rubies and emeralds dance to the rhythm of gold, casting a luminous rainbow on this unmatched karigari.


The elegance of pearls, the opulence of gold. These eternal symbols of beauty add an alluring charm to your story.

7 Stones

Honored by our timeless craft, these classic seven stone earrings paint an ever-so-touching silhouette of beauty.

Leaf Pattern

Inspired by one of nature’s creations, these earrings symbolise the zest and hope of new beginnings.


Set in gold and crafted with the colorful memories of our past, these gem studded earrings etch your story with love and finess.