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Tanishq Ekatvam

The Thought

Beautiful things happen when people come together.
But today, we're asked to stay apart, keep a distance
and be safe. While we continue to do this, through
compassion, empathy, hope and care,
we've come together when it was needed the most.

The beauty of oneness.
One as humanity. One as a nation.


A confluence of India's finest craft forms,
intricately knitted into one stunning collection,
brought alive by our skilled Karigars, where
similarities and differences all become one.

1000 Karigars | 15 Craft Forms | 1 Stunning Collection

The Craft Forms

From Nakkashi and Filigree, to Rawa and Kundan, over 15 different craft forms have come together, to carefully make every piece from Ekatvam a shining embodiment of togetherness

  • Rawa


  • Chandak


  • Filigree


  • Kundan


  • Aari


  • Partach


  • Intricate Stamp Work

    Intricate Stamp Work

  • Laser Etching

    Laser Etching

  • Textured Sheet Work

    Textured Sheet Work

  • Chilai Work

    Chilai Work

  • Meenakari


  • Ghungroos


  • Nakkashi


  • Cap Setting

    Cap Setting

  • Bezel Setting

    Bezel Setting

The Creations

Beautiful things happen when people come together,
and every jewel from the Ekatvam range is proof of this.

The Technique

Over 1000 Karigars and 15 art forms from across the country have come together to make Ekatvam beautiful.

Feel free to drop by our store or explore the Ekatvam range online. ​ Here’s wishing you the warmest festive celebrations!