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The 4Cs of a Diamond And  Why You Need  to Know Them

Sure, they can be a girl's best friend, but bringing home a diamond isn’t as simple as being dazzled by its sparkle. The truth is, a diamond is a complex, beautiful and truly unique gem, and each one’s shimmer tells a special story.

So, how do you identify the perfect shimmer? How do you make sure what you’re bringing home is up to a global standard? A basic understanding of the 4Cs of diamond selection can help you ask the right questions to your jeweller when you’re out for your next shimmering purchase.

A Cut Above The Rest

The cut of a diamond ensures the precise dispersal of light within the gem. And why does that matter? Because the sharpest cut ensures the best sparkle. At Tanishq, this sparkle is assured in all our solitaires through a precise selection process. Additionally, when the best-cut diamonds are placed on your jewellery, you get the best value for your money, against a sparkle that is simply unmatched.

2213FYH | 2112FHH | 2998FZY

Colourless and Captivating

When we say colour, we aren’t referring to your stunning pink diamonds or heart-of-the-oceanesque marvels. We are referring to the pale-yellow tinge that exists in diamonds of a lower grade. These are diamonds that fall in the lower end of the general D-Z measurement scale. At Tanishq, we don’t sell diamonds below the scale of M, setting high standards for ourselves as jewellers.

Prioritising Clarity

1057FEB | 2998FBM

Those tiny impurities that may exist within your diamond are called inclusions and when light passes through a diamond with these impurities, it causes the light to bounce off haphazardly. Thus, acting as a hinderance to what could otherwise be a brilliant sparkle.

At Tanishq, we ensure no solitaires with brown or black inclusions are selected. So, you get only the best in clarity and scintillation.

Always Consider Caratage

Measured in metric carats, ‘Caratage’ refers to the weight of a diamond. Not only does this determine the value of the gem, it also determines which gem is best suited for which design. So, the next time you pick your artfully crafted diamond masterpiece, make sure you ask what the caratage of the gem is. This way, you know the weight of what you’re paying for.

While all of these terms may seem technical and rudimentary when it comes to jewellery making, we believe it is important for every consumer to have absolute visibility when it comes to the quality of diamonds they are taking home. Be it a necklace, earrings or the most special of them all, an engagement ring, please ask your jeweller about each of the Cs in the 4C system and purchase simply the best.