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Metal Matters

Your guide to choosing the right metal for your engagement ring

Every young woman, at some point in her life, has thought about her engagement ring. The jewel that will forever rest upon her finger and the partner who put it there. While it may be up for some edits, there are some aspects of the jewel that are set in stone. One aspect of an engagement ring that is always up for discussion, is the metal of the ring itself.

What’s your style?

Be it timeless yellow gold, trendy rose gold, exquisite white gold or everlasting platinum, the metal you pick will say a lot about your personal style.

If you’re considering authentic yellow gold, make sure you choose between 14KT and 22KT gold; for this karatage of gold is firm enough to allow for a design to be delicate, light or bold, while 24KT gold is too soft and pliable in nature. As for rose or white gold, while both add a touch of class and novelty to the ring, they are also unconventional selections that exude an elegance of their own.

But, if you’re considering a metal that is as rare as the diamond it houses, do consider platinum. Valued by royalty for its setting, platinum is a simple yet sophisticated metal that will elevate your engagement ring beyond compare.

While it is possible to get other hues in gold by adding metals to its purest form, bear in mind, your engagement ring is the keeper of your love story.

So make sure you pick a metal that is unique to both you and your partner.

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Your Choice Of Metal Also
Depends On The Following

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Your fiancé’s style

What have you seen her wear? What’s usually in her jewellery box? If you have a way of finding where her heart lies when it comes to precious metals, you have your answer!

Your fiancé’s lifestyle

For someone with a highly active lifestyle, you’d need a metal that can keep up with her. Platinum is your best choice in this case - it’s incredibly strong! If it has to be gold, you can go for rose gold, which is the strongest of the type. Your second-best option in durability is white gold, followed by yellow gold.

Does it complement the design?

Be it aesthetically or practically, picking the right metal for the design of your ring is crucial. While intricate and complex designs require the use of 22KT gold, this is ill-advised as this version of gold is very soft and won’t hold your diamond steadily in place.

Whereas 18KT gold, is a lot more sturdy and perfect for holding the diamond firmly in its place for years to come. While yes, it’s important to have a design that is enchanting to all, keep in mind this practical constraint that comes with an engagement ring.

What’s the maintenance involved?

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Not a lot of people consider this aspect when it comes to shopping for jewellery. But we're here to tell you that you definitely should; especially an engagement ring that will be worn everyday. While the diamond itself may not incur a lot of wear and tear, the metal you choose will.

Take platinum for instance, while it is exceptionally durable, it is also prone to surface level scratches. So if you're choosing a platinum band for your ring, know that you've got to visit your jeweller every few years to have the scratches polished off.

As for the many variations of gold, oxidation is possible with improper storage and excessive exposure to water. But you can always visit your nearest Tanishq store to avail the right type of cleaning service to keep your ring in pristine condition.

As for any variation of gold, it’s possible to find the engagement ring of your dreams at the budget of your choosing. All you have to do is look! At Tanishq especially, we’ve got a ceaseless range of engagement rings that will tell your love story and go easy on your wallet.

Yes, all women have imagined the engagement ring that they would be screaming ‘Yes!’ to; And while each ring is different the perpetual pressure that comes with finding the perfect ring is the same. We hope that this guide helps alleviate a little bit of that pressure and gives you a little more perspective when it comes to choosing the metal for your engagement rings. Because with this jewel in particular - it really matters!