Tanishq Engagement Rings

2880FLG | 3120FNI

Slender hands

If you’re shopping an engagement ring for someone who has long and thin fingers, the best cuts for them are Emerald and Princess cuts. Why? Because these are a bold addition to the shape of their fingers, only slightly contrasting their existing shape with their own.

Petite hands

When it comes to shopping for smaller fingers, it's important to keep in mind the fact that there is very little surface area for the gem to rest upon. So, try your best not to buy something that’s too ostentatious.

We recommend that you opt for a diamond that is Round or Oval. This way, there is a simple focal point upon petite hands themselves.

Wide hands

Wide-set hands can come with either long or small fingers. The width of the hands themselves allows for jewels that are more elaborate in their crafting. So, feel free to explore a Pear or a Round diamond with a halo of smaller diamonds upon it. This is sure to complement your hand effortlessly, while catching the gaze of any onlooker.

While you are on the lookout for an engagement ring that is unique and full of promise, it doesn’t hurt to consider correlating the shape of the gem to the shape of the wearer’s finger. Because while your jewel tells the story of your love, it does so with utmost prominence and beauty.