Tanishq Engagement Rings

Time To Get Inspired!

Are you on the lookout for an engagement ring? Here are a few inspirations to get you started

Let’s face the facts. There isn’t one specific engagement ring that’s loved by every woman. No one-size-fits-all mould that you can surely win her heart with. While some women love a cushion setting, others prefer open, while some like it in yellow gold, others in platinum. Because an engagement ring, is like your partner themself; unique and beautiful.

But, if you don’t know where to begin, here is some inspiration from our range to help you get started.

Heirloom Worthy

The thing about heirlooms, is that they tell a new story with every generation they are passed down to. These rings are just the same. With their simple design and stunning diamonds, each jewel is sure to serve as a brilliant keeper of your love story, while still making room for the next.

2112FHH | 2213FXH | 2417FEF | 1188FVO

The Unconventional Design

Tanishq Engagement Rings

While some like it simple, others prefer to make a statement. If you’re looking for a ring that will make people stop and take notice while saying out loud that your love is unique, here are few of our finest creations to start with.

Be it rose gold, white or platinum, each of these creations catch your eye with a stunning solitaire that is seated at the centre, only to be further accentuated by a halo of diamonds.

1057FEB | 2998FBM

The Trendsetters

Sometimes, the most unique trends are sure to stand the test of time. Take these rings for instance, a cluster of diamonds are carefully set in a bed of gold and elevated by strings of shimmering diamonds to match. Now isn’t that the definition of a trendsetting engagement ring?

While the internet will help you search endlessly for inspiration, know that the design that speaks to your heart is special for many reasons, not just its making.

It is special because, like your love, it has been through a unique journey of its own. With each facet or curve in its crafting, this ring will remind you for years to come of everything you and your partner have and will go through by each other’s side.

Because in the end, the engagement ring you will fall in love with, will be the one that reflects the two of you in it.