Tanishq Jewelley Stories

Brand story

Coined by Mr Xerxes Desai by marrying the words 'Tan' meaning body and 'Nishk' meaning a gold ornament, Tanishq is a name synonymous with superior craftsmanship, exclusive designs and superlative product quality. A journey that started with the launch of 18K gold watches studded with precious stones, Tanishq soon grew into a 22K gold jeweller who understood the evolving needs and desires of the Indian woman. A blend of traditional values coupled with a modern outlook made us India’s first and largest jewellery retail store chain and allows us to maintain our position as the top Indian jewellery brand.

At Tanishq, jewellery is not a product, but rather, a manifestation of artistry and this is why we are a brand that has the distinct honour of being coveted by Indian women.


Quality is the crown jewel at Tanishq. From the craftsmen and designers, to their creations and the showrooms that sell them, the highest level of quality checks are implemented to ensure unmatched perfection. Deep rooted in our ethical beliefs and principles, Tanishq will never waver from our promises of purity, superior creations and to delight every worker and customer equally.

Tanishq propagates legitimate sales and employment practices and strictly implements the PAN Card mandate, not just because we believe in the law but also because we believe in the spirit that the law was made in.

Design Philosophy

Tanishq Jewellery - Product Design

With designs that capture the beauty and celebration of special occasions in the life of the Indian woman, Tanishq aims to be an integral part of her journey. As India’s leading wedding jeweller, we understand the varied needs of every regional bride and that has stood as our inspiration behind creating special wedding collections catering to every community across India.

With Mia by Tanishq, we found our way into the wardrobes of working-women who are looking for contemporary designs and office-friendly jewellery. With fabulously ornate creations in gold, diamonds, Kundan, Polki and precious stones, Tanishq is never short of a piece of beauty and glory that can compliment the Indian woman.

Product Philosophy

Tanishq Jewellery - Product Philisophy

There is little in this world that can compare to the luminescent sparkle of a diamond. Magnificent and breath-taking, Tanishq diamonds come together to make statement pieces that celebrate eternal love and commemorate lasting relationships.

To maintain the highest standard and quality of diamonds, we implement extensive quality checks and only source our diamonds ethically from known, trusted and certified suppliers. Every piece of our diamond jewellery is a labour of love that stands testament to the beauty of the one who wears it.

The Tanishq Experience


At Tanishq, we take great pride in offering an unparalleled retail experience that takes into consideration our every customer's unique needs and preferences. Our trained representatives have extensive knowledge about the jewellery they showcase and strive to deliver excellence, consistently.


Tanishq Jewellery - Karigars

We strive to ensure that every employee at Tanishq is welcomed into the folds of our protective family with their best interest being one of our main concerns. Our Karigars are provided with world-class facilities, a safe and supportive environment and are well taken care of with benefits like health care and financial aid. With the advancement of jewellery making equipment and technology, our workers also gain training and access to these top-of-the-line machines to aid in the creation process of their masterpieces.

Tanishq ensures that none of us are working or living in poor conditions. Starting from safety precautions taken in workshops and ending with healthcare facilities, they ensure great living and working conditions!

Tanishq Presents

Iconic Jewellery

Jodhaa Akbar

Much like the historical magnum opus that played out with unbridled grandeur on the big screen, the Jodhaa Akbar jewellery collection by Tanishq celebrates the marriage of two mighty dynasties, the Mughals and the Rajputs. Every piece in the collection bears eloquent testimony to the way each culture assimilated influences from each other – the Mughal's appreciation for the finer things in life and the Rajput's love of beauty, elegance and fine detailing. Featuring precious and semi-precious stones like uncut diamonds, emeralds, rubies, pearls, onyx, turquoise and garnet, the collection has been crafted by kaarigars who learnt the ancient art of Kundan and Meenakari that has been passed down through centuries.

A rhapsody of gems and artistry pays homage to the opulence and glory of the era, one that epitomised romance.

Here is that very romance, brought to life by Tanishq.

Tanishq Iconic Jewellery - Jodha Akbar

The swan, an age-old symbol of spiritual grace, takes centre stage in this Kundan necklace. Glittering stones, each a different shape and size are pieced together to form a perfectly symmetrical whole from which garnet droplets hang like teardrops.

Jodha akbar jewellery image

Tiny uncut diamonds or 'tukdi', spiral magnificently upwards in a dome-shaped pendant suspended from a graceful chain of onyx beads.

Jodha akbar jewellery image1

Rare pink Bikaneri enamel work enriches this 'hath mukh' bangle. Delicately sculpted elephant trunks gracefully freeze in time, drawing inspiration from Jodhaa’s finely detailed wedding jewellery.

Jodha akbar jewellery image2

Polki diamonds are juxtaposed against carved iolite – a gem that polarizes light – making it possible to determine the exact location of the sun in a sky blanketed by clouds.

Jodha akbar jewellery image3

Intricate blue enamel 'do posto' work surrounds each uncut diamond on the upper surface of the 'hasli' and earrings.

Jodha akbar jewellery image4

A match made in paradise. Exquisite emeralds and uncut diamonds come together in this entrancing antique design.


Stylishly wrought in yellow gold, white gold and with a splash of coloured stones, Iva isn't just jewellery... it's a symbol of everything in vogue. A collection custom-made for the woman who considers confidence her best accessory, these pieces are crafted to be modular thus adapting to every mood. The Iva collection has been specially designed to exude glamour, so much so that it is showcased by the divas of Race 2. Minimalism flirts with flamboyance and doodles and free lines intersect to form artistic networks in these versatile pieces of jewellery.

Ripples of gold studded with topaz encase rutilated quartz of myriad sizes and colours.

A slender chain of 18k gold delicately strings around alternating lemon topaz, green amethyst and London blue topaz.

Drops of white topaz cascade over an umbrella of gold, balanced by a disc of pave set topaz to create a ring that encircles three fingers.

A bejewelled array of gold discs and white topaz are held together by an oval cabochon citrin.

An urbane arrangement of gold and white topaz is crowned by a drop of bottle lemon topaz which separates from the main piece and transforms into an elegant all day ear stud.

Delicate paisleys of white gold intertwine in this modular piece that is embellished with white topaz for a touch of flamboyance. Each piece breaks away to switch with ease between work and play looks.

Yellow and white topaz fight for attention with a peach moonstone and cabochon citrine in this modular ring. Each ring can be worn separately, to make a statement that is uniquely its own.

Elegant rows of round cut topaz give way to a luscious lemon topaz in these modular earrings. The pieces come apart, to be worn long or as hoops.