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Bangles - Tanishq

Casual Wear

Amp up your casual look in seconds with chic bangles. Get ready to look effortlessly fashionable all day, every day.

Party Wear

Lightweight and intricately designed, these gorgeous bangles are crafted to let you leave your heart on the dancefloor.

Work Wear

Wear your confidence to work with bangles that reflect your attention to detail and drive for perfection. Get. Set. Shine.

Traditional/Festive Wear

No matter where you go, let your ethereal glow captivate the audience. Discover bangles crafted for every occasion.

Our Specials

Taking inspiration from the Indian culture, these bangles are a glowing testament of our exquisite craftsmanship,with each piece taking 30 to 45 days and multiple karigars, working on every single aspect! The allure of our ethnic heritage is reflected in every sliver of "Our Specials" collection.