Tanishq - Moods of Earth

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The Influence

These are times when warmth feels precious and uplifting. So perhaps it was inevitable that this yearning took us back to Nature and its mesmerising hues. Earthy browns, blushing pinks, lush greens and serene whites. These new creations celebrate the Earth in a kaleidoscopic whirl of modular shapes, timeless styles and exuberant colours, each an echo of her myriad moods!

The Intricacy

An ode to the Earth's artistry, watch how these marvels come alive with diamonds, rubies, tanzanite, citrines, emeralds, rubellite, sapphires and coloured gemstones set in exceptional designs.

This collection celebrates the Earth in her glory. The beauty of her canyons, the serenity of her snow, the charm of her spring blossoms, and the soothing canopy of her forests; all of it is shown in these exceptional designs.

The Impact

As we took inspiration from Mother Earth, we also vowed to give back to her. So, for each piece that you take home, a lush tree will be planted in your name, on the banks of river Ganga in Buxar.