Tanishq’s Bridal Collection 2015 for the North Indian bride : The Mehendi by Mahek

Tanishq Jewellery - Bridal Collection(2)

So this past week, we got a chance to take a peek at the Tanishq store and what they have in store for us for 2015 bridals. The 2015 collection is split by  culture with specific pieces  for each type of bride .


Getting Wedding Ready With Tanishq Wedding Collection by Gia

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Being a South Indian, I am quite aware of how things work in this part of the country. From the pre-wedding to the post-wedding, most Indian weddings last for several days.


Tanishq Bridal Collection by Aayushee

Tanishq Jewellery - Bridal Collection

Customs & traditions are what make every culture so unique in the way they lead their lives. Be it their day to day agendas or something as significant as a wedding.