Tanishq’s Bridal Collection 2015 for the North Indian bride : The Mehendi by Mahek

So this past week, we got a chance to take a peek at the Tanishq store and what they have in store for us for 2015 bridals. The 2015 collection is split by  culture with specific pieces  for each type of bride .We got a chance to preview the Punjabi Bride and we roped in Candid wedding photographer Tania Seth who helped us with these awesome pictures!! This post is what we thought would look great for your Mehendi:

 The Mehendi

Bright , colorful, kitsch and the day you can go funky is what best defines a Mehendi . Whether you have a mehendi at home or an all out affair – it’s the day of some serious dancing, family and fun. Fun fact: the actual reason mehendi was put in older times was because it has a cooling effect on a stressful bride. Over time though there are a ton of beliefs about it which we are sure you would have heard about, but the fact is the mehendi is the function where you can take a risk and have a bit of fun with your look.

What caught our attention for your mehendi was this modern, edgy necklace by Tanishq with blue enamel and red rubies. This would be perfect with just a big maang tikka, a brightly colored turquoise lehenga and considering you need to keep your hands free- that’s pretty much all the jewellery you can wear.

This would also be perfect for a Sangeet where you would probably be shimmying on stage and need something that is not long and elaborate and keeps flying off of your chest. The size is perfect and pair it against a deep navy lehenga with a crop top for perfection.