Tanishq Offers

Shagun for '21 (Activation offer)

Offer Period: 7th January 2021 to 8th March 2021

Preview Discount period: 7th to 10th Jan 2021 (all India except Assam)
7th to 11th Jan 2021 (Assam)

Offer Details:


Invoice Band

Activation Discount

Preview Discount

Gold Studded, Studded UCP, High value studded, Platinum plain and studded, Bi metal platinum plain & studded, Mia colour stone UCP, Mia silver)

Less than or equal to 99999

5% UCP

6% UCP

1L - 2.25L

10% UCP

11% UCP

2.25L - 3.99L

15% UCP

16% UCP

4L -9.99L

20% UCP

21% UCP

10L - 11.99L

21% UCP

22% UCP

12L - 24.99L

25% UCP

26% UCP


30% UCP

31% UCP

Studded Solitaire & Platinum Solitaire

Below 3L

4% UCP

5% UCP

3L above

7% UCP

8% UCP

Studded colour stone & Mia colours stone - Non UCP

Less than=9999

10% Making charges

11% Making charges

1L - 2L

15% Making charges

16% Making charges


20% Making charges

21% Making charges

Gold intensive studded jewellery

Less than or equal to 99999

2.5% UCP

2.5% UCP

1L - 2.25L

5% UCP

5% UCP

2.25L +

10% UCP

10% UCP

Terms & Conditions -

• For details on discounts for a customer order, please reach out to your nearest store. No preview discount applicable for customer orders

• The offer slab qualification is based on the product value before discount and inclusive of the GST

• Exchange offer details –

o The benefit from the lower exchange deduction will be applicable on the purchase of all diamond jewellery– Old gold of greater than or equal to 22 Kt will have 100% valuation and old gold below 22K will have 96% valuation (4% deduction). Residual amount (if any) below Rs.2000 can be refunded.

o Standard deduction will be applicable for the purchases of other product groups including Gold jewelry, Color Stone jewelry, Coins etc.

• Products under ‘Best Deal’ will not have additional 1% preview discount

• Solitaire products –

o For the purchase of single solitaire above 2 carat, the discount applicable will be a flat 2.5% for regular purchase and customer order

o There is no discounts applicable for the purchase of Loose Solitaires

o Solitaire strings can be clubbed with Diamond jewellery and the same slabs will be applicable

• Clubbing of offers –

o The exchange offer for Diamond jewelry can be clubbed with the Activation Offer

o The exchange offer for Diamond jewelry can also be clubbed with other offers like Best Deals / Birthday anniversary / Tata shop share smile / Employee discount etc.

o No two offers can be clubbed during this offer period except for the exchange offer combinations listed above

o Defense personnel scheme (Jawan scheme) cannot be clubbed

o Amex card or any credit card offer can be clubbed based on the terms and condition of the participating partner

o GHS and Gift vouchers/ E gift vouchers can be clubbed

o Other discounts like Tata & Titan Employee discount, Franchisee empowerment etc cannot be clubbed

• Encircle –

o Only Platinum Encircle customer can accrue the Encircle points. Other customers cannot accrue points for these discounted transactions. They can redeem their points during activation.

o Platinum Encircle customers will now get 5 points for every purchase of Rs.1000 of diamond jewellery (wef 7th July 2020)

• These discounts and T&C are applicable for in-store purchases only

• Please contact your nearest Tanishq store for any further details