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Mia Sutra DIY with Clover Shape Motif Multiple Stacking Charm Chain

Get your DIY groove on with Mia Sutra. Create your own luck with our Clover Shape Charm Chain. Add your initials or lucky numbers adorned with sleek black beads and stack them up for a personalised accessory that's all about fun and style
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Mia Sutra DIY with Clover Shape Motif Multiple Stacking Charm Chain

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Product Details


Brand: MIA

Collection: Mia Sutra

Gender: Women

Material Colour: Yellow

Jewellery Type: Gold Jewellery

Metal: Gold

Explore your inner DIY enthusiast with Mia Sutra's Clover Shape Charm Chain designed to bring a touch of luck and a lot of style to your life. The charming clover motifs serve as a canvas for your creativity allowing you to attach your initials or lucky numbers. These motifs are elegantly adorned with captivating black beads at regular intervals lending a sophisticated edge to your accessory game. The beauty of this piece lies in its versatility you can effortlessly stack multiple charms creating a playful and personalized bracelet that reflects your unique story and personality. So whether you're embracing the luck of the clover or celebrating significant numbers in your life Mia Sutra's DIY Clover Shape Charm Chain lets you express it with a touch of fun and endless style possibilities. Wear your luck and story with pride and make a statement that's as individual as you are.

More Information

Manufactured By - Titan Company Limited,Jewellery Division 29,Sipcot Industrial Complex,Hosur - 635126, Krishnagiri District,Tamil Nadu.

Net Quantity: 1 N

Contact customer care executive at the manufacturing address above or call us at 1800-266-0123. Email us at [email protected]

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