Rivaah Brides

Rivaah is an ode to the beautiful brides of India. As varied as the communities she hails from, the Indian bride looks absolutely resplendent in her wedding finery. Nurturing her hopes and dreams, and experiencing a myriad of emotions, she looks forward to her wedding day like no other, for this is the day she becomes one with her partner.

Rivaah Bodhu - Tanishq


Eyes lined with kohl and brow decorated with sandalwood paste, the Bengali bride eagerly awaits Shubhodrishti.


The Bihari bride sparkles with vivacity as she prepares to embark on her life’s biggest adventure.​

Rivaah dulhan - Tanishq
Rivaah Vadhu - Tanishq


Sometimes bashful, sometimes bold, but always stunningly beautiful, the Gujarati bride is a sight to behold.

Madhu Magalu

As the sound of nadaswaram fills the air, the Kannada bride’s breath catches in her throat.

Rivaah Madhu Magalu - Tanishq
Rivaah Kalyana pennu- Tanishq

Kalyana Pennu

As her friends adorn with jewellery and flowers, the Malayali bride looks forward to meeting her partner at the mandapam. 

Navari Mulagi

Exquisite in its simplicity, the Marathi bride’s jewellery mirrors her innate modesty and grace.

Rivaah Navari Mulagi - Tanishq
Rivaah Beendni - Tanishq


Resplendent in her bridal finery, the Marwari bride's eyes express the joy she feels in finding her soulmate.


Dressed in a red saree with alta adorning her feet, the Oriya bride is definitely a rare beauty to look at.

Rivaah Bodhu - Tanishq
Rivaah Lari - Tanishq


The Punjabi bride's heart beats in tandem with the insistent beats of the sounds of joyous celebration.


As she takes her first steps into matrimony, the Rajasthani bride is the embodiment of ethereal beauty.

Rivaah Banni - Tanishq
Rivaah Sikh-Lari  - Tanishq


The Sikh bride prays ardently for blessings as she sets off on a unique journey with her significant other.


As she sits facing east, the Tamil bride binds herself to her beloved with the kankana dhaaranam.

Rivaah Manappen - Tanishq
Rivaah Pellikuthuru - Tanishq


Bedecked in gold from head to toe, the Telugu bride brings to life the age-old traditions of her forefathers.