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Wedding planning is always a task. Wouldn't it be nice if someone could just take your hand and guide you through the whole process, giving you small but significant tips along the way?

Well, here we are!

  • Tips for your wedding jewellery
  • Most popular wedding trends of 2018
  • To adhere to convention or to go beyond it?

Looking for wedding jewellery trends? Look no further! What you need to remember is that the purchase of wedding jewellery is a one-time affair, so take your time and plan your trousseau well. Here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting your wedding jewellery.

Kundan stones

This type of jewellery has taken the wedding space by storm, so much so that kundan is the currently the biggest trend in wedding jewellery! While north Indian brides choose kundan jewellery for their big day, south Indian brides are looking at this trend for functions like Mehendi, Sangeet or any of the pujas held before and after the wedding.

Layer it up

This has always been a popular trend for Indian brides. However, the most important aspect to be kept in mind while layering is to ensure that it appears seamless. Be it the combination of the maangtikka and earrings, different bangles and kada/ kangan, or various neckpieces – your jewellery will effuse an ethereal charm only when all the ornaments complement each other!

Shade of gold

Your wedding trousseau comprises not just your jewellery but also your wedding attire, be it a lehenga, saree or salwar-kameez. Therefore, not only should your ornaments match each other, they should match your ensemble as well! One area that brides sometimes tend to overlook is the fact that the shade of gold of your jewellery should complement the gold work of your attire. Not just gold, even when selecting jewellery made of other materials (platinum for example), always keep in mind to take into account what your ensemble looks like.

Fashion-forward brides are always in the dilemma about the different looks during their wedding. Here are some trends that would help you in putting together your looks for your wedding and the associated functions.


The off-shoulder trend has trickled into Indian ensembles as well. brides who wish to go beyond convention often opt for this style.

Metallic, Shimmer, Sequins and Gold

Not just ensembles, this trend has seeped into accessories as well. Be it the super shimmery ones or the more subtle ones, brides in 2018 should keep this trend in mind while planning their trousseau.

Classic designs and fabrics which uphold India's heritage

Indian handlooms from various parts of the country - the Banarasis, the Patolas, the Chanderis, the Ikkats, the Sambalpuris, the Kanjeevarams - are actually extremely versatile.

While red is the most common colour chosen for pheras, a lot of brides are currently opting for several other shades. While peach and neons were very popular 4 years ago, 2016 saw a lot of mint, pastel pink and light blue. The colours which are going to be a huge trend in future are gold, ivory and green.

For the bride who doesn’t hesitate to experiment, we have listed a few unconventional options for your Mehendi and Sangeet.


Add a dash of glam to your ensemble by opting for dhoti pants, or pairing your lehengas with capes or off-shoulder blouses.


Crop tops with heavy skirts, or sarees paired with crop tops have emerged as popular choices. Gowns with pre-pleated dupattas are also being preferred by a lot of brides as they are rather easy to carry.

While the choice of whether to completely stick to her roots or experiment a wee bit ultimately lies with the bride, the one thing we can vouch for is that Indian brides from all over the country paint the very picture of elegance and poise!