A celebration of love and tradition, music and dance rule supreme. Ushering in the good times that lie ahead, laughter flows freely at the Sangeet.

  • It’s your Sangeet. Have the time of your life!
  • Fun themes to choose from for your Sangeet!

One's sangeet ceremony is often as extravagant an affair as the wedding ceremony. Right from selecting the perfect songs to choreographers, to long hours of dance rehearsals and compering, a lot goes into making it a rocking and absolutely unforgettable evening! Here are a few tips which will help you have the time of your life and keep all your guests involved and entertained in the revelry.

Plan a karaoke night

Even if it is a crowd comprising mostly of bathroom singers, a karaoke night has its own charm!


More often than not, the youngsters take a backseat and the uncles and aunties grab the limelight here!

Fun games

Good old musical chairs, passing-the-parcel and carrom competitions are never boring, especially with peppy music playing in the background!

Brides these days love having a thematic wedding; some even choose different themes for different occasions! Here's a list of themes that you can choose from to make your Sangeet a truly memorable one for you and your guests!


For she who likes to rule the hearts of others, you can give the royal theme a try. Set the mood with the décor – the use of the deep, dark shades of colours like red, purple and green will instantly transform the area into a royal arena. Don’t forget to add chandeliers, roses and long, sheer drapes to the décor!


As the name suggests, it is all about keeping it simple. Use twigs and branches to hang your flower pieces, the cutlery can be made of recyclable material, gifts for your guests can include natural incenses – this theme is perfect for those who want to have fun, but responsibly!


This theme is perfect for all you filmy brides! Bring out those CDs, posters and what not you've been saving all these years and put them to some good use. Bollywood is a theme that's perfect for all age groups, so it's the one function everyone will surely remember!