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5 Promises we'll keep forever

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Designed in India, for the world.

Explore our wide range of jewellery with the perfect blend of traditional charm and contemporary appeal and take back a piece of India!

The Tata Guarantee - Now and Forever

Being a part of the prestigious Tata group, we follow the brand's ethical beliefs and principles!

Best exchange value for old gold jewellery

We melt your old gold in front of your eyes, and weigh it in your presence. So, the weight and the karatage is always right and you get the best exchange value from us.

100% exchange value for diamonds and precious stones

All our precious stones are carefully selected to deliver best-in-class quality. So much so, we offer 100% buyback on them at current prices. No wonder, we are India's leading diamond jeweller!

Impeccable customer service at all 230+ stores

With the highest standards of service being maintained across all of our 230+ stores in 120+ cities, you can always be assured of a truly Indian welcome at Tanishq!

Tanishq Glitterati Jewellery Tanishq Glitterati Jewellery VIEW COLLECTION
Tanishq Padmavati Jewellery
Look as regal as Deepika Padukone who portrays Rani Padmavati adorned in our gorgeous range crafted exclusively for this magnum opus!
Tanishq Shubham Jewellery
Take home a piece of India's heritage with breathtaking designs inspired by the ornate motifs and elaborate sculptures of the majestic temples!
Tanishq Divyam Jewellery
Wear your heritage with pride! A celebration of grandeur and divinity, these spectacular pieces of art jewellery will truly remain timeless.
Tanishq Solitaires Jewellery
Forge or renew an everlasting bond with stunning 'Expressions of Love' that are Tanishq Solitaires!
Tanishq Rivaah  Jewellery
Be the epitome of class and finesse as you carry yourself with elan in contemporary designs crafted to perfection with the best diamonds!
Tanishq Red Carpet Jewellery
Define Red Carpet splendour like none other in this magnificent range adorned with diamonds and deep-hued rubies, emeralds and sapphires!

Our Ethics and Principles

We always adhere to our promises and responsibilities towards-

The Government: Our policies are framed in accordance with government regulations.
The Environment: With a certification of ISO 1 4001:2014, we're an industry benchmark in environmental management systems.
Our Karigars: We provide world-class facilities in our state-of-art factories and benefits like health care and financial aid.