As we mark the beginning of another year, we carry within our hearts moments of the past and the shine of the future. But it's the glorious today that makes the canvas of life a celebration.

Our newest collection captures the joy of togetherness, the triumphant smile of friendship, the courage of the heart and the determination to keep going.

Embellished with the love of classic and the fusion of new, these magnificent pieces stand as a reminder to celebrate the #FestivalOfLife with Utsaah.

Celebrating the #FestivalOfLife

Our Utsaah Collection

A celebration of life with the modern - classic.

An intricate karigari of rubies and gold that weaves together the strands of tradition and modernity, reminding us of living life as it were a festival.

This beautiful silhouette of gold casts its shadow on the celebration of today. As these motifs of regality marry the stories of past with the new.

A stunning geometrical symphony that celebrates the splendor of this minimalistic craft, creating a rich mosaic of beauty.

This canvas of cascading gems gracefully dance within the folds of gold, celebrating the beautiful #FestivalOfLife

Celebrate your today with these modern - classic trends

Wear your today in style

Our new collection is crafted to celebrate the beauty of life. Every magnificent piece of jewellery is embellished and layered with rich motifs of our heritage. Weaving together the mosaic of our culture with the minimalism of modernity.

Layers of Opulence

The #FestivalOfLife honors the tradition of past and the fusion of new just like the new Diwali style trend of layering your jewellery. A light, radiant choker sits elegantly across the neck as a magnificent bold motiffed haar adds a glorious shine to the ensemble.

Magic of Minimal

Utsaah is a special collection that takes us back to the magic of simplicity.

These classic, minimal pieces of jewellery embellish our celebration of today. A style that captures the true craftsmanship of our being.

Shaping the #FestivalOfLife

Our collection is inspired by the beautiful geometry of life. As these bold shapes embellish the curves of this karigari, every gem weaves together a story crafted to celebrate the joy of life.