Carnival Edit

For a joy ride called life

From the roller-coaster of emotions to the merry-go-round of adventures, look at you living life like a carnival. Presenting Colour Me Joy- The Carnival Edit. A vibrant collection of diamonds, pink sapphires, sugar loaf amethysts and very many tints of topazes that complement your zest for life.

Watch the carnival collection unfold the many hues of joy.

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Hop onto the ferris wheel of joy

Indulge in the colourful riot of opals, emeralds, rubies, peridots and other precious stones. Explore their dramatic cuts, exquisite shapes and charming colours that are uniquely inspired by the glitz and pomp of a carnival.

Behind the scenes of the carnival

Inspired by the magnificent rides and the larger-than-life dais of a carnival, this stunning collection of lustrous diamonds and coloured gemstones is a grand celebration of all things joyous in life. One that epitomizes vibrancy and opulence in all its glory.

Jewels of the carnival