Celeste Solitaire Promises

Celeste Solitaire Promises

100% natural diamonds, as natural and rare as they get

Formed over 800 million years in the earth's crust - Tanishq's solitaires are as 'natural' and rare as they come. With state-of-the-art technology that can even detect lab-grown diamonds, Tanishq screens every solitaire and ensures it is a class apart.

100% ethically sourced diamonds

As a responsible retail brand, we only source our solitaires from Kimberley Process-compliant sources to ensure that our diamonds are lawfully procured.

A cut above the rest

With stringent solitaire cut parameters, every Tanishq solitaire has an unmatched light performance and is the most beautiful rarity.

No reflecting inclusions

Sometimes, the reflection of inclusions creates mirror images inside the stone, visible from multiple angles in the solitaire. With strict quality norms in place for sourcing, Tanishq solitaires are free from reflecting inclusions - protecting the light performance and unmatched beauty of each one.

No Red Natts

‘Red Natts’ are red garnet inclusions present inside a diamond. Their close resemblance to blood makes solitaires with these inclusions inauspicious in the eyes of many. With each solitaire selected with the utmost care to ensure the absence of such inclusions, no personal beliefs of our customers are harmed.

100% natural colour visibility

A tinge, like brown or green, is a secondary shade that adversely impacts the diamond colour. In all our solitaires, the only colours that shine through are natural.

No milky solitaires

Milky or foggy solitaires have a translucent shade and hindered clarity because of inclusions invisible to the naked eye. Sourced by expert gemologists, every Tanishq solitaire is devoid of all milky characteristics - ensuring that no diamond's brilliance and fire are compromised.

VVS clarity with no black inclusions

Tanishq's VVS clarity diamonds have Very Very Slight inclusions - with these diamonds, one can always be sure that there are no black inclusions or black dosham. With a rigorous quality selection process, all our solitaires are extremely rare, beautiful, and have the best in class light performance.

Zero cavities and open inclusions

Oil and dust have an affinity towards diamonds. The openings and cavities at the diamond table or crown facets let these pollutants seep in - weakening the stone, making it duller, and damaging its durability. Our solitaires are crafted to perfection without these flaws and promise durability and everlasting beauty.

Only absent or faint fluorescence

Higher fluorescence impacts the colour of the diamond, making it look oily and reducing the light performance. Our solitaires maintain their excellent colour and light performance while exhibiting extremely faint fluorescence, if any.