A Class Apart

Discover Celeste solitaires - the ultimate crown jewels from Tanishq's world of diamonds. Each piece from the Celeste collection is meticulously crafted with revolutionary diamond cutting technology, resulting in thousands of nano-facets that enhance the fire and brilliance of every diamond.

With only 100 exclusive, limited-edition pieces available, owning a Celeste solitaire means owning a truly unique and rare treasure that will leave you spellbound with its unparalleled brilliance.

A Cut Above The Rest

Explore Celeste Solitaires

World Cup Trophy

A sparkling solitaire ensconced in a beautifully crafted shank makes this celebratory ring, defining a winning moment, become one for posterity.

The Celebration

Baguettes and round diamonds sparkle in this bracelet designed to celebrate over a decade of Tendulkar’s 100th century.

The Victory Cup

The winner takes it all. An engagement ring design that is an ode to triumph and victory!

Love Ring

A symbol of love with a design that spells passion, art and a moment in time, this unique ring has it all.


Two souls that beat as one, and pairs of diamonds that bind them into an eternal ring forever. An exemplary blend of aesthetics and history; these extricate finger rings are crafted to perfection.

Love Bracelet

Love transcends boundaries; Tendulkar’s evocative cover drive that hit boundaries on the field is the inspiration behind the silhouette of this modern bracelet.

A Cut Above The Rest

The round diamonds and baguette combination in this beautifully crafted ring adds a unique sparkle to the wearer’s persona, telling the tale of greatness and brilliance.

Mi Amore – My Love

Love makes its mark in this unique finger ring. Drawing a silhouette from Tendulkar’s famous stylish cover drive angle, it also has ‘MI-AMORE’ beautifully extruded to make it an extricated shank for the ring.

Studded Celebration

The round diamonds and baguette combination in these ear studs adds a shine to the wearer’s persona and tells the tale of a man for whose historic feat these studs have been designed.

Upper Cut Master

For the woman of today, an ear stud solitaire collet that is inspired by the silhouette of the famed upper cut, invented by Tendulkar.

Upper Cut Class

Stylish, classy, attractive and having an inherent charm are the defining qualities of this sterling solitaire collet and this victory inspired engagement ring. Together, they ooze a style of their own.

Your Tanishq Diamond

Every diamond at Tanishq is painstakingly crafted to perfection to meet the highest standards of diamond quality. We, at Tanishq, continuously incorporate various techniques to ensure that only the finest diamonds are provided to you!

You need to watch out for range valuation, wherein only the best diamond used in a particular piece of jewellery with mixed qualities of diamonds, is the one that gets mentioned in the certificate. Tanishq does not mix different grades of diamonds in the same product.

Valuing diamonds that are already set in the jewellery is one way of hiding the stone’s flaws. This is called in-setting valuation. All Tanishq certifications are based on naked evaluations. One that evaluates the stone entirely and not in parts.

Other possible manipulations include compromising on cut by distorting shape, increasing table size etc, making the diamond look bigger than it actually is. At Tanishq diamonds are cut to exacting proportions to maximize the fire within each stone.

You also need to be careful about diamond look-alikes which are sold as diamonds. There are certain materials like cubic zirconia and moissanite which can be mistaken for diamonds. At Tanishq fakes are easily detected by “The Diamond Sure Machine”.

Some diamonds, when viewed under ultraviolet light, emit a blue colour. This fluorescence is due to inherent impurities. Tanishq uses only those stones with faint to nil fluorescence.