Gold Gift And Jewellery For Newborn Baby Boy

Gold Gift And Jewellery For Newborn Baby Boy

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India is a vast land with many diverse cultures; as part of a tradition or to commemorate an important event for all family members, such as parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and friends. They frequently have a sturdy desire to give treasures something special, like a beautiful piece of sophisticated gold gift for new born baby from Tanishq. While the thought counts, a cute piece of jewellery can make a point. Precious little babies are anybody’s life’s greatest treasure, and you all want to show them your unconditional love from the very first day they arrive in your life.

You repetitively want to indulge them, give them all your undivided kindness, protect them ferociously and watch them in each phase of growth. At every stage in their life, you want them to know that you are there, noiselessly watching over them, holding their hand when it’s essential and allowing them to take over when they need to. Occasionally, words help us express our unconditional love for them. As a result, you need small but significant gestures. Such as giving them a timeless gold gift for new born baby that will last a lifetime, translating your feelings into infinite memories.

Beautiful Nazariya Wristlet

Bracelets are charming pieces of jewellery that look too attractive around those cute little baby wrists. Hands movements are usually something small babies first start to notice, and wristlets are the perfect thing to be added to those little hands that are supposed to attract babies with shine, glitter and colours. From a big array of wristlet collections of black and gold beads to small motif gold wristlet jewellery, you will find endless options for baby boys.

The combination of black beads and gold looks attractive on your baby’s wrist. According to Indian culture, they also symbolise protecting the baby from evil eyes and negativity. Visit Tanishq online or offline stores to view baby bracelet collections to get your gold jewellery for baby boy ready. While buying jewellery gift for baby for babies, make sure you have the option to enlarge them so that they can wear them for a longer duration.
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Baby Boy Gold Bangles

Next in line for the little precious is the beautiful, attractive gold kada. It is always advised to choose a design for the bangle that is simple and plain with round edges. So, when picking bangles for babies , avoid edgy motives or patterns that cause the risk of rashes or marks. Bangles are generally obtainable in an adjustable form that can be used up to 5 years of age.

To view the latest gold jewellery bangles collection for baby boys, visit us and shop your favourites. It is a tradition in many families to gift a newborn baby boy gold or silver bangles as a symbol of their love. While kid’s kada is supposed to be in almost all Indian traditions, if you need to buy something remarkable for your adorable little ones, then a bangle is an amazing gift and a brilliant heirloom.
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Gold Baby Pendants in a Small Chain

What better way to emphasise your baby’s neck chain than by adding a small enticing pendant? Pendants come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, with round edges, so there is no rash or hurt to a tiny one. You get abundant options from religious designs like “OM” or “Ganesha” to attractive cartoon motifs with birthstones and lovely funny animal characters. A diamond pendant can work well for the baby boy as a great gift for a special occasion. Pendants come in various designs and can be used to change daily wear to that special occasion in the same gold chain. There is no dearth of choices when it comes to purchasing jewellery for toddlers from Tanishq. The only aspect to keep in mind when purchasing children’s jewellery is that:

Adaptable jewellery to fit the child so can be adjusted as they grow too fast

Edges must be smooth edges and clasps or screws should be secured enough

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Anklets for Baby Boy

The clinking sound is made by anklets every time your kid walks, jumps or bounces, and even when they are too small, they move their legs or often play with trinkets. It’s the most soothing sound for young parents. The sound produced by the anklets pleasures the child to no end. The tinkling sounds from the payal are also supposed to protect the kids from evil spirits. Thus, this is another charming and attractive option in gold jewellery gifts for baby boys that you can contemplate. They come with a beautiful motif of cartoon characters and small stars, which makes them even more attractive to see besides their charming tinkling sound.
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Gifting anything to your kid is always memorable and has a lot of memories attached, but gold jewellery for baby boys is more special and a charming sight for the eyes. Gold jewellery for baby boys offers them pleasure and stays with them forever, thus helping them remember their childhood affectionately. Also they can pass it to their children further to enjoy the very thought that the child’s father has the same lovely jewellery gift for baby when of the same age perhaps. While purchasing jewellery for your precious little baby boy (especially newborns), select authentic gold, as some metals may source allergic reactions. Gold from Tanishq is considered safe as it contains no lead or allergic material. Also, make sure to choose the right size and buy a size that is half an inch bigger to ensure that your child can wear it for a longer time without a problem.