Gold Rate

Gram 22 Carat Gold Today 22 Carat Gold Yesterday Daily Price Change
1 gram ₹ 6855 ₹ 6855 ₹ 0
8 gram ₹ 54,840 ₹ 54,840 ₹ 0
10 gram ₹ 68,550 ₹ 68,550 ₹ 0
100 gram ₹ 685,500 ₹ 685,500 ₹ 0
Date 22 Carat 24 Carat 18 Carat
2024-05-27 ₹ 6855(0) ₹ 7478(0) ₹ 5609(0)
2024-05-26 ₹ 6855(-45) ₹ 7478(-49) ₹ 5609(-36)
2024-05-25 ₹ 6900(-97) ₹ 7527(-106) ₹ 5645(-80)
2024-05-24 ₹ 6997(-97) ₹ 7633(-106) ₹ 5725(-79)
2024-05-23 ₹ 7094(-10) ₹ 7739(-11) ₹ 5804(-8)
2024-05-22 ₹ 7104(20) ₹ 7750(22) ₹ 5812(16)
2024-05-21 ₹ 7084(0) ₹ 7728(0) ₹ 5796(0)
2024-05-20 ₹ 7084(0) ₹ 7728(0) ₹ 5796(0)
2024-05-19 ₹ 7084(72) ₹ 7728(79) ₹ 5796(59)
2024-05-18 ₹ 7012(-21) ₹ 7649(-23) ₹ 5737(-17)
2024-05-17 ₹ 7033(84) ₹ 7672(91) ₹ 5754(68)
2024-05-16 ₹ 6949(14) ₹ 7581(16) ₹ 5686(12)
2024-05-15 ₹ 6935(-50) ₹ 7565(-55) ₹ 5674(-41)
2024-05-14 ₹ 6985(0) ₹ 7620(0) ₹ 5715(0)
2024-05-13 ₹ 6985(0) ₹ 7620(0) ₹ 5715(0)
2024-05-12 ₹ 6985(0) ₹ 7620(0) ₹ 5715(0)
2024-05-11 ₹ 6985(112) ₹ 7620(122) ₹ 5715(92)
2024-05-10 ₹ 6873(30) ₹ 7498(33) ₹ 5623(24)
2024-05-09 ₹ 6843(-7) ₹ 7465(-8) ₹ 5599(-6)
2024-05-08 ₹ 6850(25) ₹ 7473(28) ₹ 5605(21)
2024-05-07 ₹ 6825(40) ₹ 7445(43) ₹ 5584(33)
2024-05-06 ₹ 6785(0) ₹ 7402(0) ₹ 5551(0)
2024-05-05 ₹ 6785(-9) ₹ 7402(-10) ₹ 5551(-8)
2024-05-04 ₹ 6794(-48) ₹ 7412(-52) ₹ 5559(-39)
2024-05-03 ₹ 6842(54) ₹ 7464(59) ₹ 5598(44)
2024-05-02 ₹ 6788(-128) ₹ 7405(-140) ₹ 5554(-105)
2024-05-01 ₹ 6916(60) ₹ 7545(66) ₹ 5659(50)
2024-04-30 ₹ 6856(-18) ₹ 7479(-20) ₹ 5609(-15)
2024-04-29 ₹ 6874(0) ₹ 7499(0) ₹ 5624(0)
2024-04-28 ₹ 6874(0) ₹ 7499(0) ₹ 5624(0)

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Gold is considered amongst the safest of investments, a principle that has been passed down to the youth from generations. Even the rising gold rates haven’t deterred them from investing heavily in gold. The well-educated and qualified youth, quite similar to their ancestors, believe in buying more gold than you could possibly wear due to its consistent return on investment. The working professionals in the cosmopolitan city are always looking at potential investments to multiply their hard-earned money, and since buying and selling gold is both common and convenient, with a very small commission fee, the deal is a rather favourable one. It is in this case very evident that the gold rates are perpetually and steadily growing with a growing demand for gold.

Which brings us to the most asked question- “Why are the present day gold rates different from the gold rates in the past?”

Although the gold rates can be gauged till a small extent, there is absolutely no way to guarantee that the gold rates in the present, past or future will ever be stagnant. It is very dynamic for the reason that the gold rates are affected by several reasons.

To meet the high demands for gold, jewelry stores have popped up all across cities, but here is where the matter of credibility comes into the picture. While investing in gold, it’s critical to ensure the purity of the gold with a jewelry certification that ensures the reliability of the source and makes it easy to exchange in the future. So the easiest way to ensure a safe investment is to buy from a renowned jewelry store that provides a hallmark certification and takes accountability for providing authentic and pure gold. Besides this, some of the key factors to consider while investing in this traditional mode of investment are-

1. Purity: The purity of gold is one of the important factors to keep in mind while investing in gold. For making ornaments, 22 karat gold is usually used, which is 92% pure gold. 24 Karat is 99.99 % pure, but it is not the best choice for making jewelry since it is too soft. 14 karat gold (58.33% pure) and 18 karat gold (75% pure) are also frequently used for gold jewelry.

2. Labour charges: Labour charge or making charge is what the cost of creating a design for the jewelry is. This is a factor to include while trying to gauge the final cost of a jewelry piece.

3. Weight: The weight of the jewelry is directly proportionate to the price for obvious reasons. And adding extra gems or stones might increase this weight. So ensure that you are being charged the weight of the gold correctly and not the additional weight of the gems for the rate of gold as well. If this sudden burst of newfound information has got you charged up, head over to the nearest Tanishq stores to make your investment!

With excellent returns and superb reliability in its value as compared to other investments, it comes as no surprise that gold is seen as one of the smartest financial investments!

In the current times of technological progress, the digitalization of gold was bound to happen sooner or later. And “Digital Gold” as it is called, has evolved to be the most convenient way for the youth invest in gold. And for obvious reasons, this virtual method of buying and investing in gold without having to physically own the gold is the most convenient and safest option. You can buy it online at your convenience and you can buy or sell it for as less as 1 rupee! Besides this, Digital gold provides a multitude of benefits such as-

  1. 0 costs of storing the gold
  2. Real-time market price irrespective of whenever you buy/sell it
  3. Can invest with even a minimal amount
  4. Extreme safety and authenticity when it comes to the quality of gold

This innovation has taken up the gold investment by storm since all the barriers like time or place have been blurred, while also providing accessibility to everyone, quality assurance, and safety. And in a world where time is money, being able to invest within minutes unlike the hassles of physical investment makes this an offer too tempting to resist.

With a multitude of options to choose from depending on your account balance and liquidity of cash, young investors are spoilt for choices when it comes to investing in gold. From gold biscuits, gold coins, gold bullions, or the most preferred- gold jewellery, Tanishq offers something to cater to the interests, budgets, and tastes of everyone. So be it an investment for the practical kinds, or a prudent gift for the ones who love finer things in life, investing in gold is always a wise option. Something households across generations can vouch for

Finding a balance between practicality and creativity is something we pride on. Experience investing in gold while adorning yourself with best-selling jewelry designs. Explore from a wide range of intricate designs and glamorous pieces to suit your taste and budget ranging from dazzling earrings to dainty bracelets, versatile chains to tasteful pendants. Get ready to stand out in every occasion!

With a massive collection also comes massive offers to ensure there is something for everyone. Talking about the most important thing- Tanishq comes with the reliability of being a Tata Product with a 100% quality assurance. Free shipping and fast delivery just makes the whole process oh-so-easy. So what is stopping you from being a step ahead with your financial decisions?

Tanishq, a Tata Product is a premier jewelry brand headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Specializing in gold and diamond jewelry that ranges in design and style to suit occasions from work, weddings, party and daily wear, Tanishq spoils you for choices with its rings, pendants, earrings, and more!

A thoughtfully curated collection of jewelry, Tanishq flaunts a massive collection of jewelry including Engagement rings, wedding rings and couple rings for love birds, earrings and pendants as sets or individual pieces, opulent necklaces and necklace sets, bangles, and its western cousin- the bracelets, traditional mangalsutras, and versatile chains, and miniature beauties like nose pins.

Excited much? We can assure you that the excitement levels will multiply infinitely the moment you step into our lavish stores and are welcomed by the warmest store personnel who will take you through our finest collections. Take your investments a notch higher by shopping for gold biscuits, coins or bullions with a 100% quality assurance certification.

Choose the convenience of sitting at home and investing within minutes via Tanishq’s Digital Gold schemes, crafted to ensure you can invest with utmost ease. Browse, choose, order and receive free contactless delivery at the earliest!