What to Look for When Buying a Gold Chain

Things to Consider Before Buying a Gold Chain


Gold is a common material for jewellery that people adore. But there are many different kinds and types of gold chains, making it difficult to know what to look for when making your purchase and which will go on which outfit. Gold chains are a very adaptable item that everyone, independent of personal style, may use. Gold chains are a status symbol representing wealth and success for certain people, and they might also make an excellent investment.

There are several things to think about when purchasing a gold ornament, especially a chain, such as the purity in terms of karat, the type of links used to make the chain, and whether the chain is composed of solid gold. With Tanishq, let’s explore a few designs and examine the essential details you must consider when purchasing a gold chain.

Top 10 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Gold Chain

Here is a valuable gold necklace buying guide with tips and techniques for saving money, whether you’re buying a gold chain for the first time or looking to know how to choose a gold necklace to add to the other chains in your collection.

Verify the Gold Chain’s Type

Generally, there are three types of gold chains: solid gold, gold plated, and hollow. Solid gold chains are created wholly of the metal without any coating or empty parts. The tiny components connected to form the entire chain are solid gold and substantial in weight. Even though these chains are more expensive, they usually don’t harm the skin when worn frequently. Although plated gold chains are cheaper than solid gold ones, the coating eventually wears off, exposing the metal beneath. Some people often experience skin allergies, and the chain also seems drab. The chain will need to be replaced to restore its colour if you want to make it shine like new. Since pure gold is more durable, it is an excellent option if you want to wear your gold necklace frequently.

Additionally, hollow gold chains are manufactured. Compared to solid pieces of equivalent size, these chains’ little bits and overall weight feel significantly lighter. Although hollow chains are less expensive, they are more likely to break or damage. Additionally, once broken, they are almost impossible to repair. As a result, you must take particular caution while wearing a hollow chain. A 24k gold chain is much stronger than a hollow one, and these gold chain prices are also higher.

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Selecting The Gold Chain’s Grade

While deciding about which gold necklace you should go for, the next thing that should come to your mind is its purity. It would be best to consider the gold chain‘s karat, which will tell its purity, strength, and durability. Also, it is to be noted that gold, which is in its purest form, is the softest version and vice-versa, so make the decision wisely. It is advised to only go for 20 karat gold neckpiece if you purchase the gold as daily wear, as this gold is not that strong and might get scratched or broken easily in day-to-day life activity. Therefore, buying 22K or 18K gold chains is always advised because they offer the finest compromise between high gold purity and durability.

Compared to 18K chains, which are slightly darker and offer more colour options thanks to the gold being plated, 22K gold chains frequently have a brighter yellow appearance. Also, you can go for a 24k gold chain, as it is much more durable and robust. Gold chain price also highly depends upon the grades of gold you choose.

Choose the Link Style of Your Gold Chains

Choosing the appropriate link for your gold neckpiece is crucial because it will affect how readily it bends and how likely it is to break. Omega and zigzag chains, for instance, have flat links that are more prone to twisting. The circular snake chain is another form of link that may cause issues. A twisted chain necklace may be exceedingly difficult or impossible to fix because these chains are more likely to become tangled in the fabric of your garments.

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Make Sure the Chain is Smooth

The smoothness and surface of gold chains are frequently disregarded features. Please ensure the gold neckpiece is smooth while purchasing one for everyday wear; otherwise, it will discomfort you. Some people might not believe it matters, but if the chain surface is rough and you wear it for an extended period, it might irritate or itch your skin and cause rashes.

You can check the chain for any sharp points that might harm your skin or catch on fabric by sliding your hands over it. Gold necklace prices will vary depending on the quality and smoothness of the gold.

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Selecting the Gold Chain’s Length

Your choice of chain length will draw attention to certain neck elements. For instance, a 16-inch gold chain will be broader and nearer to your neckline. The most popular length is an 18-inch gold neckpiece that will rest over the collarbones. With the correct combination of neckline styles, longer lengths than this will lie on both your skin and your clothing, and they can have a striking effect.

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Check the Reliability of Gold Chains

There are a few essential factors to consider while evaluating the quality of gold chains. You should pay close attention to the chain’s karat weight in the first place. However, gold is purer and, therefore, of higher quality at higher karat weights. When evaluating quality, you should consider pricing. Of course, more expensive gold chains will be of superior quality. Additionally, check pricing at other retailers before purchasing to get the best deal.

Examine the Clasp of the Gold Chains

Any gold chain’s clasp determines how sturdy it is. Some chains come without a clasp in such a form that it gets challenging to wear over the head, and you need to open it before wearing it. However, sometimes they are too delicate for those with a clasp. Ensure your golden chain has a secure clasp that won’t accidentally open or break easily. One of the most popular and effective options nowadays is the lobster clasp.

Even if someone were to pull the chain more firmly, it is sturdy and does not open readily. A ring-shaped clasp with a spring-loaded mechanism is another common feature of thin chains. Although these clasps are less expensive, they are typically weak and less reliable and secure than the lobster clasp. The traditional hook clasp is another common form of clasp utilised in the past.

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Remember That Hollow Gold Chains are not Fake Ones

Not every hollow gold neckpiece is an imitation. Hollow chains refer to how they are created, not the substance that makes them up. As indicated, pure 24-karat gold or other priceless gold alloys can create hollow gold chains. They can also, of course, be gold-plated. But are the best gold chains hollow ones? Depending on their intended application, hollow chains can be either a good investment or a waste of money. Hollow gold chains are not suitable for daily wear and are best worn occasionally.

Check for the Quality of Gold Chains

Due to the high demand for gold, someone can attempt to dupe you with a fake. Hence, a hallmark has to be imprinted on the gold chains. A hallmark is a tiny engraving that can be seen on the surface of gold jewellery, frequently in the most obscure places. This reveals the gold chain’s composition and gold purity. Any reliable manufacturer of gold chains will stamp their products with a hallmark.

Choose What Matches Your Style

To choose your chain, you must be aware of your style. Choose a thin, delicate chain if you want sophisticated and attractive patterns. Select a straightforward pendant to go with it for a relaxed, chic, minimalist style. An eye-catching bigger chain will do wonders for a more outgoing person who likes to make a statement. Why not try it now if you can pull it off?

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Choosing a perfect gold chain could be challenging, but following the guidelines will help you select the best chain in style. Always go for what makes you comfortable and confident. First, you must be convinced to carry a trendy and smart look. You can go with studs, hoops, diamond jewellery, or gold jewellery, but only when you can carry it properly. Check out some fantastic gold chain designs with Tanishq that match your personality, and browse the accessories that accentuate your look.