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A magical journey into our glorious past. This Diwali, we bring you a treasure trove of exquisite creations inspired by the heirloom artefacts from eras gone by, an ode to legacies old and new.

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An Ode to your Enduring Legacy

Immerse yourself in the sweet nostalgia of traditions. From treasured family recipes to timeless memories, Dharohar's modern heirlooms celebrate the legacy of our glorious past.

Crafting Modern Heirlooms

Witness skilled karigars breathe life into our exquisite jewellery, featuring intricate chandak, rare badhroom, stunning ras rava, and delicate filigiri craftsmanship. Take home not just jewellery, but a heritage story, crafted exclusively for you.

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Bring home a piece of heritage inspired jewellery in exchange for your old gold bought from any jeweller. Visit a nearby store or let our experts assist you.