Tanishq Encircle

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Encircle Program

Encircle is Titan’s Unified Loyalty program where the members can enjoy various benefits & experiences and also earn & redeem points with every purchase. The Encircle points are now on-board with NeuPass wherein every time you spend with Titan or other brands on NeuPass, you get to earn NeuCoins. The NeuCoins can now be earned and redeemed across all company brand stores or e-commerce websites across our brands- Tanishq, Mia, Zoya, World of Titan, Fastrack, Helios, Titan Eyeplus, Skinn, Taneira and Caratlane. To know more

Who can register in the Encircle Program?

Membership is voluntary and open to all Indian citizens above 18 years and with a valid Indian mobile number. The Titan Encircle membership is only for individual use and not for corporate purchases. The Titan Encircle membership is non-transferable. Offers/ benefits/ discounts offered to the Encircle member are limited to the respective individual only. These offers are not transferable to other Encircle member/ non-member. Two or more offers cannot be clubbed together.

How Do I Enrol at Titan Encircle?

  • On making a purchase at the above mentioned stores or e-commerce websites, you will be added to Titan Encircle as a Silver tier member.

  • During this process, a membership number will be assigned to you and your unique registered mobile number will be mapped against this membership number. Each mobile number can only be mapped to one Titan Encircle membership. Please note that your name and mobile number are mandatory for this process. OTP verification is a must to enroll.

What are the Tiers and NeuCoins Available on Titan Encircle?

  • Titan Encircle offers three tiers of membership - Silver, Gold and Platinum

  • Refer to NeuPass FAQs for tier wise NeuCoin earning structure

  • To get upgraded from one tier to the next, you would need the following amount of NeuCoins:

    • From Silver to Gold tier - 500 points

    • From Gold to Platinum tier - 3000 NeuCoins

  • All NeuCoins earned will be updated in your account within 24-48 hours of the transaction at stores. NeuCoins earned on any of the ecommerce websites will be credited to your account after 15 days of the transaction.

  • The NeuCoins earned are valid for 12 months from the date of last transaction. For example: NeuCoins earned on April 2, 2022 will expire on April 2, 2023 if no other transaction has been made before April 2023.

  • NeuCoins/tier will be calculated at the end of the day and the new tier will start the next day

  • Any transaction made using partial or full redemption of Encircle points or NeuCoins is not eligible for accrual of NeuCoins.

  • Any discounted products or products on sale are not eligible for the accrual of NeuCoins.

How Do I Upgrade My Tier?

  • You can upgrade your tier based on the cumulative NeuCoins that you have earned in a period of 24 months from the date of enrolment or the date of your last upgrade/downgrade only through the purchase at Titan brands i.e. Tanishq, Mia, Zoya, World of Titan, Helios, Sonata, Fastrack, Titan Eye+, Taneira, Skinn & Irth stores or respective brand ecom websites.

  • To retain your tier, you should maintain the threshold NeuCoins for 24 months from the date of tier upgrade. If this criteria is not met, you would be moved down by one tier. Please refer to the ‘Tiers and NeuCoins’ table on NeuPass FAQs for the number of NeuCoins required to maintain each tier.

  • Your tier will be valid for two years from the date of your last upgrade.

What Will Happen to My Points When Goods Are Returned?

When you return/change goods that you have purchased, the calculation of NeuCoins to be debited will be done according to the rules of your tier when you made the purchase, not on the lowest tier.

How Do I Redeem My Welcome Gift Voucher?

When you join Encircle, you will receive a Gift Voucher via SMS, WhatsApp or email. This can be redeemed at any of the Titan brand stores.

Steps to Redeem:

  • Step 1: Visit any of our stores to redeem your gift voucher.

  • Step 2: While billing please provide the cashier with the Gift Voucher code sent to you.

  • Step 3: The cashier will apply your Gift Voucher code to the bill and your voucher will be redeemed.

Please note:

  • Your Welcome Gift Voucher can only be redeemed once in the respective channels.

  • Offers are fixed to their respective channel and the tier that you have enrolled into.

  • Your Welcome Gift Voucher will be valid for six months from your date of enrolment.

What Privileges Do I Get as Part of the Encircle Program?

  • Birthday and Wedding Anniversary Offers: You can get exclusive offers on your birthday or wedding anniversary which can be availed at any of the Titan stores (Tanishq, Mia, Zoya, World of Titan, Fastrack, Helios, Titan Eyeplus, Skinn, Taneira). The offer will be active in your account only for 30 days (15 days before and after the date of your birthday/wedding anniversary). You can avail all offers but will be restricted to only one-time redemption for each brand during the offer period.

  • Exclusive Preview: You get to be the first to check out our new products at exclusive product previews, which will be communicated to you two or three days in advance.

  • Free Cleaning: You can avail free cleaning services for your jewellery and watches on request. The store will use approved and friendly liquids/cloth while cleaning your jewellery and watches.

  • Free Eye Check-up & Eyewear Servicing: You can avail free servicing for your eyewear. You can opt for a reminder for an eye test and contact lens refill every 6 months and we’ll help you mark your calendar. Please note that the eye check-up service is free for Encircle members at all Eyeplus stores.

  • Referral Rewards: When you refer someone for the Titan brands & a referee completes the purchase using the referral code; both you and your referee will get some benefits.

  • Titan & Partner Brand offers: Being an Encircle esteemed member, you will get some exciting benefits from Titan brands as well as associated partner brands. You may stand a chance to get access to some of the most popular event s across multiple cities in India.

Customer Support FAQs

  • Where can I check my transaction summary?

    To check your transaction summary, you may:

    • Call the Encircle helpdesk at 1800-108-4826

    • Visit www.titanencircle.com and log in with your User ID and password

  • How do I get my User ID and password?

    Your User ID will be your registered mobile number and OTP will be generated for login on www.titanencircle.com

  • How can I know details regarding my Encircle Points?

    To know more about your Encircle Points, you can log in to the Titan Encircle website and get your transaction history or call Customer Care at 080-45300005 and dial '2' to get your point balance.

  • How can I update/change my contact details?

  • What to do when Im not getting the OTP?

    OTP is must for all redemptions irrespective of number of points being redeemed. OTP will be triggered automatically to the encircle registered mobile# when point redemption is initiated, if the OTP is not received within 2 minutes, then customer can follow steps.

    • Customer will have to call IVR number 080-45300005 from their encircle registered mobile#

    • Customer will be given options to choose what type of OTP they need, Option (1) will give him redemption OTP.

    • Once customer select (1) then the OTP is passed on to Customer via IVR system.

  • How to deactive/activate my Encircle account?

    Encircle Membership is valid for lifetime, customers do not have the option to deactivate membership. Even If a customer comes back to us after a long gap then also he will be recognized with the same old membership number provided the customer is using the encircle registered mobile number.

  • Are there any products which are excluded from Titan Encircle program?

    Purchase of gold coins/bars & Gift cards are excluded from Titan Encircle program.