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Finding the perfect ring isn’t always easy. But we’re here to help.

With this ring size calculator, let your hands effortlessly hold the gaze of the world, with a lot more grace and beauty.

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Tanishq Ring Size

Find Out How!

Follow these steps to know your ring size.

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Go to your jewellery box and get a ring that fits right.

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If you’re viewing this from the desktop, use the QR code given below to go to our ring size calculator.

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Place your ring on the ring outline that will appear.

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Use the scale to adjust the size of the ring on the screen to the circumference of your ring.

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When you’re done adjusting the ring, you’re all set.

Find Your Size


Scan to know your size!

This ring size calculator provides a size which may be 1-2 mm smaller than your actual ring size. Please download the PDF below for more information

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