Tanishq - Kakatiya
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Legacy Crafted in Gold

Experience the grandeur of the Kakatiyan Dynasty, brought to life through our latest collection, where history is meticulously recreated in exquisite, handcrafted gold and gemstone jewelry. Discover the rich inspirations that shaped this stunning collection.

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Weaving History into Every Jewel.

Heritage in the Making

A glimpse into the ancient tales of the Kakatiyan Dynasty, revived through stunning 22K gold jewellery.

9 months of dedicated research and craftsmanship

Key inspiration taken from the 526 elephant carvings of the Ramappa Temple

Hyderabadi Karigars to bring alive authentic Telugu craftsmanship

Perini Sivatandavam, dance of the Warriors, performed in honor of Lord Shiva

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Discover the artistry of Tanishq's Kakatiya Collection – masterfully crafted gold jewelry. Visit a nearby store or let our experts assist you.