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Meet the Real Brides of Karnataka

Lekana Hegde

Professional Athlete

Having represented the state Karnataka for about 14 times, also a passionate model and a philanthropist.


Interior Designer

Loves exploring different cultures & cities. Currently very passionate about horse riding.

Ananya Singh

Software Developer

A fast learner and who adapts to any situation with ease. Strives to learn new skills in world of technology.

Zeba sherifff

Professional Makeup Artist

Passionate about health & fitness and enjoys learning new skills.

Runu Sharma

Human Resource Professional

An diligent professional in the day, a fitness freak in the evening & a photographer over the weekends.

Meet the Real Brides of Maharashtra

Rashmi Wadhva

Sales Executive & Model

Currently works for underprivileged children and environment safety.

Roobhini Kutuwan

Business Consultant

Passionate about my artistic pursuits such as dancing, acrylic painting, texture art and UI/UX creations.

Jheel Vyas

Student of Physiotherapy

Animal lover and enthusiastic photographer who also loves to bake & paint.

Koshin Kesha

Computer Engineering Student

Passionate towards learning technology to help overcome unemployment and educate underprevildged.

Sonali Jyotishi

Software Engineer

Loves singing, dancing and exploring new things and places.

Meet the Real Brides of Bengal

Roshani Sharma

Meticulous Graduation Student

Passionate model who started it as a hobby but now is devoted to it .

Aritri Paul

Interior Designer

Loves creatinng unique designs and a very passionate singer.

Anushka Nijhwan

Fashion Designer

A doting daughther and ardent dog lover.

Payel Tarafdar

Aspiring Law Student

An actress having worked for two TV serials and a confident model walking ramps too.

Shinjini Kumar

Engineer by profession

A writer, an enviromentalist and a traveller by passion.

Moushmi Biswas

Cabin Attendant by Profession

Extremely passionate about explorering new places & meeting new people.

Meet the Real Brides of Gujarat

Mansi Chavda

Quality Control Manager

An extremely passionate and absolute go getter at work.

Mansi Koshti

Project Manager

A passionate artist who loves to explore new places and try adventurous things.

Karishma Devnani

Celebrity Makeup Artists

Amiable traveller who is passionate about travelling different countries, learning different languages, interacting with new people.

Kanika kapoor

Patissserie Chef

Loves decorating things, dancing and trying out new adventures.

Tahnaaz Bhesania


A passionate dancer & fashionista always on a lookout for a good travel and social gathering.

Meet the Real Brides of Punjab

Ridhi Bhatia

Diligent Doctor

Curious learner who loves to explore, grow and spread love around.

Kuanser Khan

Professional Actor

An avid dancer who loves to explore and learn new things.

Prachi Aggarwal

Finance Professional

Lover of adventure sports, a certified paragliding pilot who has travelled 50 countries.

Ritika Goyal

Software Engineer

A passionate traveller and creative designer.

Vimaljot Kaur

A doting home maker

Meet the Real Brides of Awadh

Pratyushi Sabharval

Aspiring management student

NGO supporter and manager.

Himadri Varma

Professional Makeup Artist

A business women who owns her own Salon and an ardent actor.

Anchita Mishra

Lead Flight Attendant

An avid traveller who always dreamth of travelling the world since childhood.

Neetu Yadav

Enthusiastic Teacher

A fashion enthusiast whose hobbies include travelling & bike riding.

Anushka Singh

Marketing Professional

Enviromentalist and an enthusiastic traveller full of compassion and emathy for people.

Meet the Real Brides of Bihar

Akansha Kumari

Diligent Doctor

Loves helping people and is a passionate guitarist.

Narayani Raj

Banking Aspirant

Driven by my enthusiasm for financeand, also an avid reader and passionate baker.

Pankhuri Pawan

Aspiring Medical Professional

Passionate model who loves earning new things, helping people & uplifting others.

Sejal Kashyap

Aspiring Law Student

Lover of fashion with a positive outlook towards life and a persistence attitude.

Sonia Singh

Caring Homemaker

Curious learner, with passion for dance and arts.

Meet the Real Brides of Jharkhand

Eesha Ashok

Surgeon by profession

A trained classical singer & painter and a lover of outdoor adventures.

Pragati Prasad

Entreprenuer - Of a mental & physical health firm

Clinical Psychologist and Certified Yoga Instructor.

Pratibha Rani

PhD Scholar of Mass Communication

Lover of literature and arts.

Meet the Real Brides of Orissa

Madhurima Singh

Master in Finance

A social butterfly and an diligent finance manager and an excellent planner.

Sipra Behra

Marketing manager

Zealous leader who brings confidence and sharpness to any conversation.

Pratisha Ayonna

Professional Beauty Therapist

An enthusiastic learner who loves to acquire new skills love and make people feel good about themselves

Meet the Real Brides of Assam

Sangita Chowdhury

Professional Makeup Artist

Curious learner who loves to play around with different colours & experiment with different looks, a beauty blogger.

Ayesha Begum

Caring Homemaker

Doting wife and daughter who loves to Sing & Dance.

Munmun Dhakal


Works for a Pharma Manufacturing Unit and a very passionate dancer.

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