Rivaah TT SLP

When legendary designs meet iconic craftsmanship

Discover how Tarun Tahiliani's modern interpretations of Indian heritage intertwine flawlessly with Tanishq's masterfully crafted jewels.


Originating in Lucknow, the cherished Chikankari textile art, known for delicate threadwork and shadow play, finds new life in jewelry.

Transcending fabrics to pearls and uncut diamonds, this collection echoes understated elegance inspired by the Nawabi craft.


Kashida, an exuberant embroidery style hailing from Jammu and Kashmir, merges vivid colors and nature-inspired motifs.

Now translated into enchanting jewelry, the collection features three-dimensional hand-painted enamel pieces outlined in gold, catering to lively modern brides.


Derived from Mughal heritage, Zardosi's opulent metal weave on velvet and silk now finds new expression in intricate gold jewelry with Persian motifs.

Uncut polkis, pearls, and colored stones combine, crafting unparalleled opulence and luxury.


Modern glamour is embodied in the designer’s fashion, where Swarovski crystals grace lightweight drapes and garments

Inspiring a diamond collection of chokers, necklaces, and earrings, showcasing stunning settings and seamless ombre effects.

A captivating wedding range from Rivaah

Introducing the Bride of Today

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In the bustling chaos of everyday life, a place that she holds special in her heart, a place of solace and tranquility.

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Deep within the heart of the city, hidden away from prying eyes, a secret spot where stolen moments of intimacy are shared.

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Memories of the wind tousling their hair and the sun kissing their faces, an ode to their shared spirit of adventure.

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The city becomes her playground, as she effortlessly navigates its avenues, discovering new hidden gems.

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A place of inspiring solitude, where she can unleash her soul through the strings, pouring emotions into every note.


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