The Bengali Bride

With ulu-dhwani and shankh-dhwani resounding in the air, there emerges from behind two betel leaves – our Bengal bride. Adorning her traditions in the Paati or Sita Haar, a long necklace intricately complementing her red and white saree. Her chik and tikli, sitting on her forehead gracefully makes her look divine in her ensemble. Her bangles, called Manjasha, dangles with each other as she walks towards a life full of bliss.

Shankha Pola

Drawing inspiration from a folktale of a fisherman waiting for his beloved with gifts from the waters, the Shankha Pola (conch and coral) is a classic dual bangle set that is a staple offering to the Bengali bride. There are two interpretations for the Pola. One is that it used to be made of dark-red coral. The second is that it is made from lac - a secretion of lac insect which grows on mulberry trees. Such trees grow abundantly in Bengal. A gold-capped Loha is gifted to the bride as a symbol of strength to go through the ups and downs of life.

Neckwear Sets

Sets of stunning chokers and necklaces paired with intricately weaved earrings; crafted to complement the euphoria of your special day.


Nosepins & Naths

A hallmark of culture; the pride of every bride.
Presenting to you a range of beautifully crafted nose pins.



The gift of traditions lies upon your wrists with our exquisitely
crafted range of bangles.