The Bihari Bride

A Bihari Bride's must have ornaments include a gold choker, intricately designed with carvings all over and a long layered necklace, forged out of golden pearls. Adding on to her look are Dholna, an ornate drum shaped locket and Bichuas for the toe rings, which is a reflection of her married life. Her look is completed with embellished Anguthi, Jhumkis and Nathia, making our eyes go in awe of her. When the groom fills her maang with sindoor, right from the tip of her nose, her ensemble seems complete.


The women of Bihar sport simple nose pins shaped like a clove. Known as Naths, the practice of adding them as part of wedding ornaments dates back to the 16th century, and the tradition trickled down to the Bihar bride from Rajasthan. Today they are available in intricate designs, studded with pearls, rubies, kundan and other precious stones.

Neckwear Sets

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