The Kannada Bride

Draped in a Kanjeevaram, the queen of all sarees, a Kannada Bride looks majestic and elegant. She pairs it up with traditional and heritage jewellery of her ancestors. Her precious Vaddanam, a vital part of a bride’s Solah Shringhar, gives a gracious silhouette to her waistline. Completing her look are the Kassu bangles on her wrists tingling with each other and the jhumkas in her ears. The gold border of her saree is complemented by the Bajubandh on her arm. Wearing the floral Varmala adds more grace and elegance to her bridal outfit and completes her look.

Maavinyaki Haar

Every Kannadiga bride’s most treasured adornment is the Maavinayaki Haar.

Maavinyaki means ‘Mango’ in Kannada – a name fitting to describe the design this long necklace adopts. Mango is symbolic of love and fertility in the Southern realms. The Haar is studded with mango-shaped pendants – embellished primarily with cabochon rubies. Extending until the waist and showcasing a fine medley of gold chains and studded gems, the Haar is said to bless the couple with inner peace and a long, fulfilling marriage.

Neckwear Sets

Sets of stunning chokers and necklaces paired with intricately weaved earrings; crafted to complement the euphoria of your special day.


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