The Malayali Bride

Dressed traditionally in white and gold, a Malayali bride’s grace and poise shines the most during the Dravidian, like the holy sun. Her ensemble is a beautiful union of her inner grace and confidence. She wears a Mulla Mottu, a long neck piece which is an enduring symbol of the divine lord, to invoke blessings for their new journey. Her Kasu Mala, made of a string of gold coins, welcomes prosperity in their lives as they tie their knot for life. Dreaming of her beautiful life ahead, a Malayali bride’s gold is a symbol of the wealth she brings to her family.

Kasu Mala

‘Kasu Mala’, when loosely translated in the Southern realms, means ‘a necklace of coins’. Although popularly worn by the Tamil Nadu brides today, this garland of gold coins represented the distinct coin designs of several states across India back in the day. Today it is synonymous with prosperity, and brings with it an abundance of good wishes for the bride who adorns it.

Neckwear Sets

Sets of stunning chokers and necklaces paired with intricately weaved earrings; crafted to complement the euphoria of your special day.